Forbidden detail new album information

Bay Area thrashers Forbidden are hard at work at Sonic Room/Audio Voyage Studios in Livermore, California recording their upcoming new album, Omega Wave. The album is being produced by guitarist/songwriter Craig Locicero and mixed by Sean Beavan (Slayer, Marilyn Manson, Nine Inch Nails) with the artwork being handled by Kent Mathieu (Exodus, Autopsy, Exhorder).

Song titles for Omega Wave are as follows:

“Alpha Century”
“Forsaken At The Gates”
“Immortal Wounds”
“Adapt Or Die”
“Inhuman Race”
“Behind The Mask”
“Dragging My Casket”
“Omega Wave”

No release date has been confirmed at this time, however, demo versions of the tracks “Adapt Or Die” and “Hopenosis” can be heard at the band’s MySpace page.