Fourteen Twentysix to release ‘In Halflight Our Soul Glows’ in January

The Netherlands’ FOURTEEN TWENTYSIX has announced that they will release their new album In Halflight Our Soul Glows in January 2012. Featuring 16 songs, the new album sees the ‘solo act’ develop in a complete band; Jeroen Dirrix, Jelle Goossens, Tom van Nuenen and Martijn Jorissen have joined originator Chris van der Linden in the creation process. In an interview with Teeth back in March, Chris van der Linden had this to say about the development:

“The new album is being written and recorded by us as a band. All the guys—who used to just play my songs on stage like session musicians—now contributed, which results in a more varied and richer palette. We chose to work from a pre-written concept serving as a sort of anchor point for everybody. We really didn’t want the new album to be about my personal pains again, so with the concept we moved things into a more universal area.”

Among the sixteen songs is the track “Every Line”, which will feature Antimatter‘s Mick Moss. According to the eight samples posted on the band’s bandcamp, the music seems to have developed somewhat from the groups previous effort Lighttown Closure.

Besides the album being released wrapped inside a digipak CD, it will see the day of light as a digital download as well. On top of that, there will be an extremely limited, handmade boxset release of the album, limited to only 25 pieces.

For more information, visit the band’s official website