Frank Rini To Guest on new Internal Bleeding Album!!!!

TeethoftheDivine’s very own contributor and early Internal Bleeding vocalist , Frank Rini will be making a guest vocal appearance on the up coming Internal Bleeding album, Corrupting Influence coming out this fall on Unique Leader Records. Rini served as the vocalist for Internal Bleeding from 1993-1997, and performed on the band’s debut Voracious Contempt and its follow up The Extinction of Benevolence.

The band posted a teaser video of Rini’s performance on Facebook:

“Frank Rini recorded his vocals at Hit and Run Studios on Saturday April 28th, 2018.

It’s always a real pleasure to have our man Frank Rini do some guest vocals on our albums.  This time, instead of a few sick growls, we gave him a whole section of a song to go off on, “Litany of Insincerity”.   Sounds insane. Internal Bleeding’s  Corrupting Influence is out in October on Unique Leader Records.

Check Out the clip below: