IMPIETY recording new album, reveal album title

Today, legendary black/death band IMPIETY reveal the title for their seventh full-length album: Worshippers of the Seventh TyrannyFollowing from last year’s critically acclaimed Terroreign, the highly anticipated Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny is currently being recorded in utter depravation and Satanic violence at Music City Studios in Treviso, Italy. The album will have seven blasphemies with a running time close to 40 minutes.

The Barbarian Black Horde IMPIETY now comprises founder Shyaithan (bass, vomit) in command with guitarists Guh Lu and Eskathon and prevailing drummer Andrea Janko. The band rehearsed in early August in the city of Trieste, Italy and commenced recording at Music City, Treviso on August 24th. The recording, mix and mastering will be completed in another 7-8 days, and the band is looking forward to getting this heavy-as-fuck masterpiece unleashed by Agonia Records early next year. More news in the coming weeks ahead. For more info, consult and
Salve Sathanas Exelsi – Mighty IMPIETY in Satanic Victory!