Kekal to release “Auditory Minority” on NePlusUltra Music

The 7th full-length album from Indonesia/Canada based experimental / progressive artist Kekal will be the first NePlusUltra Music release. The first pressing of compact disc will be a special digi-pak release with hand numbered and limited to 777 units in honor of this landmark occasion.The title “Audible Minority” is based on the fact that the music on the album has mapped itself into the extreme minority status: something beyond recognition of the musical norms. “Audible Minority” is a stateless, nameless, and label-less manifesto made from all the bitterness and pain. The album that is entirely bleak, gloom and dark. A perfect collision of metal and extreme electronic music as well as dark, stripped-down emotional jazz and blues. Kekal combines organic rock instruments with the use of multilayered ‘power electronics’ feedback noises, loops, samples, Moog synths, turntable scratches and theremin, to mention some.

Almost 2 years in the making, “Audible Minority” was constructed during various personal events of the band members’ lives.

Audible Minority” is available through an exclusive deal with Open Grave Shop. The preorder deal comes with an immediate download of the entire 11 track track album. The digi-pak hard copy release will be shipped to preorder in January.

As well the free download version of the album which contains fewer tracks is available from

NePlusUltra Music launched in October of 2008 to provide an alternative to the stale music industry practices. We currently represent the artists Kekal, and Orphan Project.

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