Metal Blade Records signs DAWN OF ASHES; prepares to unleash full-length album ‘Genocide Chapters’

DAWN OF ASHES teams up with special FX group ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics Inc) for outfit and mask designs!

Los Angeles – January 8th 2010 – Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce it has inked a deal with the Los Angeles horror inspired black/death metal band DAWN OF ASHES. DAWN OF ASHES is a band whose passion for intense and macabre imagery, music, and live performances will soon be seen by the metal masses when Genocide Chapters is unleashed in late spring/summer 2010. The band is currently gearing up to enter the studio to record their Metal Blade debut with producer Fred Archambault, known for his work with Avenged Sevenfold, Death By Stereo, Eighteen Visions, and many more. Handling the cover art for Genocide Chapters is Machine-Room (My Dying Bride).

DAWN OF ASHES has enlisted the help of acclaimed special FX group ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.) to discuss plans for the new DOA outfits and mask designs. ADI is the special effects company that created the creatures and special effects for movies like: Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, Alien vs. Predator 1 and Requiem, Star Ship Troopers, Tremors and other films. This was amazing news for the band and should make DOA’s theatrical look even more interesting and grotesque.

“We are very honored to become a part of such a legendary Metal label. We cannot wait to see what this will do for the progression of the band’s career. This is a new level for DAWN OF ASHES and we are very excited to become part of the Metal Blade family” comments DAWN OF ASHES.

“DAWN OF ASHES = DOA, BRUTAL, HORRIFIC, HYPNOTIC, VICIOUS Heavy Metal that is the soundtrack for the Apocalypse. With Tim Smith of Blood Company managing and Fred Archambault handling the recording duties, Metal Blade is ecstatic to be part of this team” comments Metal Blade’s Michael Faley.


Every nightmare is painted by a vision that is so terrifying and disturbing that only the imagination of pure violence can give a new form to eternal damnation. DAWN OF ASHES gave meaning to this in the year of 2001 by Kristof Bathory, the mastermind behind the sounds and visions of horror, hatred, and suffering. The name was created to reflect upon the birth of death and failure.

In 2005, DOA independently released their first demo entitled ‘Sacred Fever’. This release caught the eyes and ears of the German label NoiTekk and shortly after DOA were asked to sign to the label. A few months later, the U.S. label COP International, as well as Russian label Gravitor, took notice to DOA and asked them to join their rosters them as well.

In September of 2006, their debut album entitled ‘In the Acts of Violence’ was unleashed upon the world. The brutal debut captivated the dark hearts and minds of many. It was at this point that DOA began to grow a significant fan base, which set the band on its path to success.

In October of 2007, DOA released their second full length album entitled ‘The Crypt Injection’. The album displayed much growth and transformation in DOA’s dark sound and substance. Along with the studio album, DOA also created a music video for their song “Torture Device”, which set much anticipation for the album’s long awaited release. ‘The Crypt Injection’ aided in DOA gathering more fans, publicity, and attention from the masses.

Since DOA was formed, the band has made transitions in line-ups and sound to create their ideal artistic outlet. DOA did so by adding additional members and placing the element of live guitars and drums into the music, taking the group from the Industrial scene into the Metal scene. With DOA’s new, solid line-up, the next installment from DOA will summon new sights and sounds among the world with a Black/Melodic Death Metal sound. It is now time for DAWN OF ASHES to enhance the brutality, so be prepared for more to come as the ashes will never rest upon the weak; the evil within this group will never die!


Kristof Bathory (Horrid screams / Keyboards)

Volkar Kael (Guitar)

Othuum (Bass guitar)

Bahemoth (Keyboards)

Orias (Drums)