NEURAXIS Complete Writing New Album

Montreal based death metallers NEURAXIS have finished writing for their upcoming album and offer a final update before entering the Wildsound Studio next week with producer Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Last Felony, The Agonist) to start the recording process for their 6th studio album. Vocalist Alex Leblanc comments:

“Time for an update… First of all, the writing is finished. We decided to add an extra song and I love it. A brutal, in-your-face song that’s going to surprise a lot of people. Overall this album hasĀ a much darker and twisted feeling that will bring shivers down your spines.

Rob really outdid himself writing the new album. His ideas are sick, his riffing is more intense than ever and his songwriting is just better overall. I think this album is really going to make him shine and put him among one of the best in his genre.

Tiger (Oli Beaudoin) is preparing himself like a madman. He’s doing cardio, weight training, physiotherapy and practicing the songs every day, sometimes even twice a day. I have never seen a drummer being so intense towards his preparation for a studio session. He really came up with sick beats for the new album, really bringing the intensity of the songs up a notch.

Fetus (Oli Pinard) is bringing the bass to a whole new level in this band. He’s very skilled and understands exactly what he has to do, putting just the right amount to complement the guitar work while throwing a few curve balls here and there. Bass enthusiasts will love what he’s doing on our new record.

As for me, well, I’m rehearsing the songs four times a week, jogging, doing push-ups and crunches; trying to get more in a singer’s mind frame since I got pretty big this winter because of my wrestling (hahaha). This time around, I’m not doing that much vocal warm-up, focusing more on intensity and ferociousness. I also came up with some new vocal techniques, something that’s going to make things more interesting for the new record. Lyrics-wise, I think I’ve written my best material ever; dark and visceral. I didn’t put any limits while writing this one. People that have been following me for years will recognize me on this one.

On a final note, the artwork is coming along very well. We are, once again working with Dennis “Damnengine” Sibeijn, who did the cover for The Thin Line Between, and it’s getting more sick with every draft. Seriously, our most twisted cover ever. We also did the album photo shoot two weeks ago. We went and did something we never did before. Something totally wicked; you guys will be surprised.

So only one more week before studio time. I will give you another update pretty soon…Stay tuned!!!”