OCEANO – DEBUT ALBUM TO FEATURE ARTWORK BY COLIN MARKSChicago’s own OCEANO have tapped Colin Marks to create the artwork or the band’s upcoming debut album, DEPTHS. Colin Marks is a London-based artist who’s dark and gritty art style has made him the right man to provide the visuals for bands like STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, ABORTED and WHITECHAPEL. His proficiency for creating striking works of symbolic art with a heavy twist made him the perfect choice to collaborate with the heaviest, most pissed off band on the planet. “We felt he was the right guy,” says OCEANO guitarist, Andrew Mikhail. “Based on his work with WHITECHAPEL and ABORTED, we felt that he could represent DEPTHS the way we envisioned it – dark and abstract. On top of everything, he’s simply a great guy to work with.”

OCEANO’s debut album, DEPTHS will contain 13 tracks (15 in Japan) of the angriest deathcore cuts ever committed on record alongside a limited edition bonus DVD. DEPTHS is due for release in 2009.

OCEANO will be heading into the studio this October to record DEPTHS with producer Joey Sturgis (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, MY CHILDREN MY BRIDE) at The Foundation Studios in Connersville, IN.

An OCEANO show is like walking into the angriest place on earth. Go and “bring the beef” with the band at these dates:

Sep 13 2008 3:00,P The Coffee Pot, Chicago, Illinois

Sep 20 2008 6:00,PThe 803, Marion, Indiana

Sep 21 2008 6:00PM,Iss Q’sft. Wayne, Indiana

Sep 27 2008 5:00PJERAPOLOOZA 2, Wood dale, Illinois

Oct 31 2008 5:30P HALLOWEEN SHOW/COSTUME PARTY @ The Unity Lodge

Kenosha, Wisconsin

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