Orphan Project Sign With Open Grave Records

Open Grave Records is proud to announce the addition of Abingdon, Maryland’s Orphan Project to it’s roster.

Orphan Project was started in 2001, when vocalist Shane Lankford, collaborating with composer John Wenger, conceived the groundwork for a concept album based on spiritual and physical adoption, incorporating progressive, hard rock, and contemporary influences.

With a full length album and an EP under their belt, and in addition, Lankford being a veteran of progressive local bands in his hometown such as Visual Cliff, and Fall of Echoes, the band felt they were ready to strengthen their influence, as well as build more of a following in the mainstream market. Lankford states, “We felt this was an excellent opportunity to get our material exposed to a bigger audience. And being with an indie label such as Open Grave allows us to do exactly that, while still retaining that personal relationship that bigger labels can’t give you.” This addition also takes place on the heels of a change in the style of artists signed by the label.

Open Grave Records CEO James Mattern was quoted as saying “We feel that Orphan Project, as a band, has a little something for everyone. Rock fans, progressive fans, even adult contemporary fans will be able to appreciate this music. It’s a great addition in support of our recent diversification efforts. I’m very excited about this release.” Orphan project is planning to release new material in March of 2009.