Rayner Coss Returns to MITHRAS

Mithras would like to announce the return of long time frontman/bassist Rayner Coss, who left back in 2008.

Rayner commented “Firstly, it’s good to be back! When I departed in 2008, Leon and I had been playing in bands together non-stop for over 12 years, and for various reasons I was finding it really difficult dedicating the necessary amount of time and attention to Mithras. But, during the near three years I’ve been away, my situation has changed to the point where I’m able to fully concentrate on the band again. We’ve gone straight to work on the new record, which Leon already had a lot of ideas down for and so far it’s been the easiest writing process we’ve ever had, which is really promising”

Guitarist/Drummer Leon Macey added “It’s great to be working with a re-energised Rayner on new material again, and the tracks we’re developing for the next album are sounding incredible. Even though I needed a rest and had put Mithras practically on hiatus for the last six months, I already had a fair amount of material demoed up which I’d been working on solo. It’s only taken a month to get Rayner up to speed with where I’m at with everything and it’s also extra great because I don’t need to record the vocals myself now, haha! So for the next record, we’ll be sticking to the formula which worked great on all our others, Rayner Coss – Oratory/Bass and Leon Macey – Guitars/Drums”

The yet to be titled follow-up to the critically acclaimed ‘Behind The Shadows Lie Madness’ (which was released in 2007 via Candlelight Records) is due sometime in 2012…