Sothis set release date for Candlelight debut

Candlelight Records confirms September 2 as the American release date for De Oppresso Liber, the full-length debut from Los Angeles-based black metal band Sothis. Recorded in Los Angeles and mixed in Sweden by Andy LaRocque (King Diamond) the album includes nine new original songs. The band is Candlelight’s latest American acquisition, a strong focus of artist development for the London-based label.

Founding member Dross (drums) says of the new album, “If you are into aggressive, polished black metal that is well executed then you’re going to love De Oppresso Liber. We’ve been able to capture some incredible performances and couple them with some very talented engineers. We wanted to make a record that we would be genuinely proud of and we’ve accomplished that.”

A fixture on the Los Angeles area, Sothis released through independent channels their four-song mini-album in late 2004. Finding the immediate attention of Revolver, Canada’s Brave Words Bloody Knuckles, who called the recording “fierce in every aspect, Sothis instantly captures their listeners’ hearts and and souls… behold the next big black metal band,” and England’s Zero Tolerance, the recording triggered a very active and productive period for the five-piece. A regional tour was set up with performances throughout the Southwest; the shows inspiring two limited-release dvds that capture the band’s impressive stage personnae. The band’s self-financed video for “Sinister Nation” ( has seen over 10,000 views since its premiere and further showcases their commanding live performance.

Featuring vocalist Drogoth, guitarists Scathe and Nylock, keyboardist Asperia, with Dross, Sothis are ready to expand their already growing fanbase. Signing with Candlelight Records, maintaining offices in Philadelphia and London, the band teams up with a growing label dedicated to development. “We are extremely happy to be working with Candlelight Records. If you think about it there is really no better home for us. Candlelight and Sothis have the same goals and vision for the future; I just can’t tell which of us is more determined to reach them.”

Candlelight Records is home to all catalog from Emperor, Ihsahn, Zyklon, 1349, Insomnium, early recordings from Opeth, Burzum and a growing American roster; Sothis joining Obituary, Crowbar, Daylight Dies, Abigail Williams, Absu, and Averse Sefira. Additional American signings will be announced shortly. The label is distributed exclusively in the United State via Caroline/EMI, PHD Canada for the northern country and Plastichead Music for Europe.