SUFFOCATION, NILE, ARCH ENEMY and PSYCROPTIC to play in First ever Diablo Open Air Festival in Singapore


For the first time ever, Singapore will play host to four major death metal acts as NILE, SUFFOCATION, PSYCROPTIC and ARCH ENEMY will be performing at the inaugural Diablo Open Air Festival.

The event takes place on April 26th and more information about this historic event can be found here.

Teethofthedivine’s own Dane Prokofiev will be attending and covering the event so watch this space.

Here’s what members of the participating act had to say about the upcoming festival:

“This is our first visit to Singapore and it’s something we are looking forward to! Our fans there have been hassling us for years to get over there and now it’s finally happening. We’ll be in the middle of our own tour in that part of the world (Japan and the Far East), so to hook up with the other three bands on this festival bill will be very cool… We’ve played shows with these bands in the past so it’ll be a reunion of sorts!” – Michael Amott, Arch Enemy

“I would just like to say we are excited to play for our fans here in Singapore and what better way to do it by coming over for the first time with a sick lineup? It’s going to be a brutal time, my 
friends.” – Frank Mullen, Suffocation

“We feel very honored and privileged to be able to play the show. We are essentially next-door neighbors, with us being from Australia, so it will be great to come and play, hang out and make some new friends. It will be a great time, and we can’t wait!” – Dave Haley, Psycroptic

“Well, this is the first I have heard about it. No one bothered to let us know we will be part of such an awesome Metal gathering. Suffocation, Psycroptic and Arch Enemy are all friends of ours; so in a way, it’s kind of like a “surprise party of Metal” with all our Metal buddies, maybe even just like the equivalent of coming home from school one afternoon and find out someone has thrown a surprise party, and Suffocation is performing in your backyard… That’s kick-ass.” – Karl Sanders, Nile.