British melodic death metal act THE SOULLESS (formerly IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION) are preparing for the release of their new album, ISOLATED, which hits stores in Europe on May 16th and North America on June 7th.

THE SOULLESS vocalist ANDY WARDLE discusses the album’s artwork:

“We chose Ryohei Hase for our artwork. He did the art for Ignominious Incarceration’s album and although we wanted something quite different, we know he does an awesome job. The guy on the front is supposed to be hung up as an outcast from society. He is isolated which ties in with the album title and lyrical themes within. We are really happy with the bleak colours and the overall look.”

View the artwork for ISOLATED Here.

The full track listing for ISOLATED is as follows:

01. Unaltered

02. The Path

03. Earthbound

04. 13th Morning

05. New Perspective

06. Clones

07. Revelation

08. Our Return

09. Unite Us

10. You Are Nothing To Me

11. Without Heart

Listen to a pre-production version of the new track, “Earthbound”, on the band’s MySpace page.

Watch a video of THE SOULLESS in the studio recording ISOLATED here.