TODAY IS THE DAY’s Steve Austin Announces SuperNova Records’ New Direction

Today Is The Day frontman Steve Austin delivers the following statement about the future of SuperNova Records, the label he launched in 2006, and proposes his plan to establish a more direct relationship between the label and the consumer:

“As of September 15, 2008, SuperNova Records is changing its retail format. SuperNova Records will be releasing its artists’ music via digital downloads and vinyl records. We have put a lot of thought and time into this very important and cutting-edge change. After being in the record business for 20 years, we have decided to take a bold new step into the future of selling records.

For a long time we have seen the music climate changing. People are changing the ways that they buy, listen and discover new music. The record companies have tried to stop it and they cannot. They have not adapted to the current market and thus are dying off by trying to stop something that is impossible to stop rather than profit from this new way of buying and selling music. So, we choose to move forward into the future with digital downloads.

At the same time, vinyl is the best listening format of any audio medium. We respect the vinyl album and are going to offer all SuperNova releases in limited edition vinyl formats.

Our final reason for this change is the environment. Between the plastic, paper, and fuel that go into manufacturing and shipping CDs, we will be making our contribution at saving the environment as we help lead the music industry into the 21st century.”
Kicking things off on September 16, the following releases will be available for download via the SuperNova Records site:

Hope And Suicide – Hope And Suicide
The self-titled label debut by Hope And Suicide, featuring Scott Angelacos of Bloodlet.

Today Is The Day – Live At Beast Feast
A full 45-minute Today Is The Day set, shot live at the Beast Feast festival in Japan in 2002. Multi-camera shoot, board audio. Steve Austin, guitar and vocals; John Gillis (AxCx), drums; Chris Debari, bass.

Today Is The Day – Live At The Whisky A Go Go
A full 45-minute Today Is The Day set, shot live at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood, California in 1998. Multi-camera shoot, board audio. Steve Austin, guitar and vocals; Brad Elrod, drums; Chris Reeser, keyboards.

Also coming up this fall on SuperNova Records: new releases by FUCT, Trampskirts, and Admirals Club, as well as “Axis Of Eden,” a film based upon Today Is The Day’s latest album.