Triton Enigma’s ‘Black Lies’ Available for streaming

Open Grave Records is pleased to make Sweden-based band TRITON ENIGMA debut album, “Black Lies“, available for streaming in its entirety. “Black Lies” was released this past Tuesday world-wide via Open Grave.TRITON ENIGMA was formed in 2005 as a side project for Ronnie BergerstÃ¥hl (WORLD BELOW, DEMONICAL, ex-JULIE LAUGHS NOMORE, CENTINEX, AMARAN, GRAVE), Thomas Nilsson (JULIE LAUGHS NOMORE) and Metallic Kitty (DECADENCE).

Black Lies” track listing:

01. Sanity Unlisted
02. Into My Reality
03. Past Life Thoughts
04. Hysteria
05. Cleared Mind
06. Broken World
07. The Faultless Sins
08. The Mirror
09. Ominous Thoughts
10. Behind Bleeding Eyes
11. Madness
Black Lies” is streaming now at