United Guttural Records To Release Volturyon’s Coordinated Mutilation

Ten tracks of aggressive, yet technical Swedish death metal with thrash elements. That’s what VOLTURYON’s Coordinated Mutilation is all about. What more could you possibly want than one well written song after the next with cool riffs, solos, intensely growled vocals and a tight rhythm section. Coordinated Mutilation will be released on February 25th via United Guttural Records.

Coordinated Mutilation was recorded at Black Lounge and Abyss studio by Jonas Kjellgren (Carnal Forge, Scar Symmetry, Centinex).  Samples of the upcoming album can be heard at the  www.myspace.com/volturyon

The artwork for VOLTURYON’s second full length album is a gruesome masterpiece by Polish artist Lukasz Jaszak. The cover depicts a psychotic blood covered maniac butchering a cadaver with a chainsaw. Jaszak is known for his previous works which include the Lords of Chaos book cover and album covers from artists like Blood Red Throne and Witchmaster.

VOLTURYON’s previous album, Blood Cure, was released by Obscure Domain Productions in 2008. Since then VOLTURYON have spent the last couple of years playing shows, including the Sweden Rock Festival where the band performed alongside AT THE GATES and CARCASS, among others.

Coordinated Mutilation Track listing:

1. Bloodsoaked Solution

2. Savage Gluttony

3. Eight Corner of Slaughter

4. Euphoria Through Execution

5. Ravaged

6. Coordinated Mutilation

7. Abide under Eminence

8. Sadistic Molestation

9. Sanguinolency

10. Intense Convulsions

In other VOLTURYON News:

To celebrate the release of Coordinated Mutilation, VOLTURYON will be hosting a release party in their hometown of Falun at Club Hellmer. The event will be limited to 80 pre-sold tickets that include entrance to the party, a copy of the new album and food. There will also be a lottery held with several prizes, including a chance to win a ticket to a local festival “Rockstad Falun” (www.rockstadfalun.se ). For tickets and more info regarding pre-sales please visit  www.volturyon.net or email the band  booking@volturyon.net.  Supporting VOLTURYON at the gig will be fellow Swedes IKHON who play a very competent hybrid of thrash and death.

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