Abolishing the Ignominious
Vociferous Obsolescence

Whew… talk about a tongue twister of a band and album name!! Vocalist Eston Brown, has a killer voice and his vocals on his former band Gigan’s Multi-Dimensional Fractal-Sorcery and Super Science are outstanding. Rounding out Abolishing the Ignominious is Joseph Lusciano on all the instruments. Russia’s brutal slam gore death metal label Coyote Records released this at the tail end of 2017. This debut 6 song album clocks in at 31 minutes.

“Born into False Exaltation” gets things started after a short intro before the brutal very loud blasting comes smashing through. Eston really going extremely guttural and singing really deep with his clogged sewer pipe vocal delivery. The song slams and blasts non-stop. Again we know what we’re getting into with Coyote Records-brutal slam guttural death metal. The guitars are pretty heavy and some nice guitar slides at the 2.40 mark. The drums are really tinny sounding and the style of drumming production has never been my cup of tea. Regardless the song is cool, but would have been better chopped in half. At close to 7 minutes, the song overstays its welcome far too long.

“Animosity Path” is up next and more brutal and guttural vomit blasting. Some nice slams in the track and some gut-wrenching gurgles coming from Eston. Disgustingly brutal-yeah-don’t expect to pick out any lyrics, unless you have a lyric sheet. Cool slow down towards the end as well. “Tormenting the Depression” starts for the jugular, like the past tunes, and I am wondering if I heard this song before on this album already, as the tunes blend together and sound identical, on certain parts. I caught some cool pinch harmonics on this track and more of that grating drum sound-oh my god-I just want to take Sherman “The Ferocious” and Jason “Slips Majinsky” and start launching them across the universe to stop that drum sound, but it did not work. The end slam guttural part is quite nice, though. I can envision some monstrous slam pits. At over 5 minutes, again way too long-cut the bastard in half. Same with the last song, the title track. At close to 7 minutes, it’s pretty much the same riffs and guttural slam over and over and over again. It becomes way too tedious.

You know at the end of the day I respect Eston’s monstrous work when he was with Gigan and they are one my favorite bands. Abolishing the Ignominious is nothing like Gigan. These dudes are strictly guttural death metal. Which of course I enjoy this genre, but I am always wanting the bands to branch out more and add more elements. This release does get tedious and I believe if released as a 18-20 minute ep it would have worked better. This style has to have short songs. Once you start getting 3 minutes and beyond, without adding anything different, you lose the listener. There are some cool slams, which I enjoyed and Eston’s vocal delivery is different than Gigan-yes I prefer his Gigan work much more over this, however if this type of death metal does have a niche in the death metal underground.

If you just want to listen to constant slams, then get Abolishing the Ignominious’s Vociferous Obsolescence. The band just opened up their webstore, through Facebook and you can start ordering. At the end of the day, this is an ok release and on future recordings I’d like to see the band branch out more, but if they have no intention, then definitely streamline the tunes.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
March 13th, 2018


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