Mares of Thrace
The Pilgrimage

So back in 2010, I reviewed The Moulting, the debut from this Canadian female Sludge duo at another site. I wasn’t particularly impressed and gave the release a pretty poor review , even throwing it some half-hearted sexist humor. Well,  the ensuing shit storm of comments on the review and on Facebook from the band and the band’s white knight fans was pretty impressive I must say, as my humor and honesty was apparently far too sophisticated for female Canadian sensibilities (fuck, here comes another shit storm).

So when The Pilgrimage showed up in my mail box, it almost went directly into my gun cabinet as a future target for next pistol shooting trip, but out of sheer curiosity I gave it a cursory listen, hoping it would be just as boring as the debut and I could move on with my life knowing another shitty band was still shitty and my initial review was spot on.

Well, I’ll be mother fucking dildo raped by a butch lesbian roadie in flannel…The Pilgrimage is pretty damn good.

And I”m not saying that because I’m still trying to get into the  pants of with Ms. Thérèse Lanz  and Stefani MacKichan (fuck fuck fuck, another shitstorm), ‘cos I blew that chance with my initial review or I’m back tracking from my original feelings on the band. I’m saying it because its true and I’m more than willing to eat crow and listen to the choruses of ‘I told you so’ from the bands fans. Though truth be told, I’m sure I’ll still be on the bands and the fans shit list, because ya ‘know,  in real life, I really am a sexist, anti Canadian pig and those folks have no sense of humor.

On to the the album at hand, Mares of Thrace continue with their sort of sludgy and discordant /hardcore/doom mix that has some similar traits to the likes of Kylesa, Grayceon, Subrosa and Made Out Of Babies. However, improvements in production and song writing have made Mares of Thrace a much more dynamic and listenable act.

Still an earthy, hempy band, Mares of Thrace‘s hues are rendered in a much more hefty and gritty fashion and like the female personality, blends moments of languid sensuality, hypnotic beauty, unpredictable moods shifts and pre menstrual histrionics (the perfect storm of shit storms coming?) into one seething ball of emotional vitriol. Look no further than the the closing 8 minute track “…and the Bird Sturgeon” as an ample window into the soul of Mares of Thrace, but that visage is contained throughout the albums draining journey, and all mingle the aforementioned elements into a confident sounding, feedback drenched caustic noise that has hints of vulnerability. You’ve got the crumbling, rumbling, sneer and screech of opener “Act I: David Glimpses Bathsheba”, the atonal, snarling percussive  tumble of “The Pragmatist”, the brooding build and controlled lurch of “The Gallwasp” and the gruff, angular assault of ” The Perpetrator”. But the albums more controlled and patient  latter stages offer a more refined and moody demeanor including the sultry grooves of “Act II: Bathsheba’s Reply To David”, smoky, moody atmospherics of “The Goat Thief”,  hazy instrumental ” The Three-Legged Courtesan… ” and the aforementioned excellent closer, which hits on everything Mares of Thrace suddenly do very well.

And so, this Crow is indeed rather tasty and all humor, sarcasm, and sexism aside this is a pretty impressive effort. I can see this duo making some pretty good sized waves should they continue this improvement and development into a pretty dang sturdy and respectable metal act regardless of gender.

Now- how about that date ladies? (nudge nudge, wink  wink).

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Erik T
May 4th, 2012


  1. Commented by: Luke

    Top quality Erik as always. I’m unfamiliar with this band but have enjoyed the samples of the new album. Previous review you did passed me by at the time but it made good reading when i went back to it and read the review and ensuing posts. Funny stuff & great follow-up review. Bring on the shit storm, it makes for a good laugh.

  2. Commented by: Konrad

    Hahaha! Awesome review, Erik, even if I do prefer your first one. WHO DAT!?

  3. Commented by: legumbrera

    Yes, great review Erick! I’ll check this album out…

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