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So one of my new friends contacts is Håkan Stuvemark who is in Consumption, Henry Kane, Wombbath just to name a few bands.  He’s quite a guitarist and songwriter and Rex Demonus is yet another project – a melodic black metal band.  The debut album Damnatio is 9 songs in 47 minutes of really kick ass black metal.

Starting immediately with a monster drum roll right into the blast beat it is clear this new act is going to be quite intense.  Monster melodic black metal riffing and then some cool acoustic moments abruptly about half way into the song.  Then going into some spoken part, that seems almost like a show clip.  The atmospheric build-up with the clean vocal parts really took me off guard but actually work quite well.  The phrasing is extremely catchy and then right into the monster blasting moments.  The guitar riffing is terrific.  More clean vocal parts with some dual vocals going on, almost, well not almost but really getting into the power metal category, therefore I really enjoy it.  Excellent opening song.

“Ecstinctio” is over 5 minutes with some spoken words then right into a monster blast.  Vocals never really getting into the high pitch black metal vocals – thank god.  So they are more mid-range with much raspiness.  About halfway into the song more clean vocal moments over a nice guitar solo, then right into some ferocious blasting with the black metal riffing very emotive and melodic, but still retaining an evilness to it.  More clean vocals come in again and are piped in louder in the mix and I really enjoy that the vocals going right into death metal vocals too.  Some acoustic moments and then right into the clean parts again and again calling to mind power metal.  It’s weird  – I am not used to black metal to then have certain power metal vocal parts and they work quite well.  Towards the end the clean vocals over the blast beats actually are quite stellar, really interesting.

There is some chanting going on with some creepy kid speaking right before “Har Megiddo” comes in with extraordinary guitar leads and chest collapsing, but typewriter sounding triggered as fuck double bass drums.  The melodic moments over the double bass is neat.  The song remains mid-paced as the ripping riffs come forth to murder your damn soul.  Some excellent lead guitar work coupled with the jumpy nature of the song is very cool.  The song gets into a more classic 90’s era speedier section and has a lot of melody.  The longest song is “Peccatum Aeterna” and starts with some monster blasting and even gets into a little gravity blasting early on as the melodic black metal riffing over it tears your head off that stump of your body.  Very angry vocals on this song and then right into an atmospheric part with the clean vocals and a very vintage 80’s era heavy metal guitar solo.  You will want to hold your horns up loud and proud and headband to this section.

The production on Damnatio is excellent.  Excellent guitar work throughout this album and monster and tight blast beats. If you enjoy black metal you will no doubt enjoy this and the mixture of various genres.  You have unbridled brutality mixed in with melodic and atmospheric moments.  Then the band switches gears and throws in some vintage heavy metal moments mixed with power metal and chest thumping anthem vocal parts.

Rex Demonus is an unpredictable sounding band.  I was not so sure I would enjoy all the clean vocal patterns, but because I really love power metal and different patterns in music as well as emotive music, this album hit me at the right fucking time.  Please like their FB page and pick up Damnatio.  It’s a killer debut album.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Frank Rini
December 22nd, 2020


  1. Commented by: Erik T

    Man this is really fucking good. Instant purchase, Thanks Frank

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