Desolate Shrine
Deliverance from the Godless Void

Finland’s Desolate Shrine return with their fourth album, Deliverance from the Godless Void.  8 songs in 56 minutes.  Yes they still write long songs.  The guitar tone on this album, is maybe not as formidable as prior releases, but it’s still there.  It could be due to the mix, on the album.  A bit wonky at times, or rougher around the edges than past albums.   Additionally, the album is more of a grower, than past releases.  It did not hit me as instantly as their prior releases.

But I always give albums, especially from bands I love more, spins.  Soon enough Deliverance from the Godless Void embedded in me.  “The Primordial One” has some monstrous blackened death metal blasting to lop your head off from around the block,  The guitar riff at the 3.20 mark is particular menacing.  The music was recorded in the depths of hell, therefore the cavernous moments are fiery and will eat your soul and spit it out for all of eternity.  Killer drum rolls at the 4.40 mark and the slow-down is vicious.  At close to 10 minutes “Unmask the Face of False” is doomy, atmospheric, heavy and emotive.  Depressive and the guitar tone comes through rather nicely on this track.  You know with all these downloadable promos I get, I always buy the music I love.  I know when I buy this the physical form will sound much better.  Always does.  Plus I’m supporting the band and label.  So I will not mention the production anymore.  The keyboards on this track add an extra layer of menace, gloom and emotion.  Terrific. This can and should be expanded upon more on future releases.

“Demonic Evocation Prayer” is brutal, blackened death metal played with an evilness not many bands have in their soul today.  This track is pure evil and rages from start to finish.  I love the isolated guitar moment right before the lethal blast in the beginning and again about 40 seconds later.  We are treated to a nice mid-point atmospheric part, then doominess before more blasting and then mid-paced slow down which eventually tapers off.  “…Of Hell” was written not by Desolate Shrine, but by Satan.  I love the intro and then once the music comes in with the vocals it’s like the souls of hell are chanting in the background, pleading for their souls to return and for the torture to stop.  The song is slow, doomy, atmospheric and monstrously heavy.  It’s evil. It’s Desolate Shrine.  And it’s released on Dark Descent Records.  All home runs.

Deliverance from the Godless Void, from Desolate Shrine has such a suffocating heaviness, it’s what Desolate Shrine does time and time again on their albums.  And yes, this is a Buy or Die!!


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Written by Frank Rini
November 13th, 2017


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