Nothing Is Safe

Last year I reviewed Neurogenic’s Ouroboric Stagnation which was a bit of an international death metal supergroup featuring Lord Marco Pitruzella of Six Feet Under on drums.   Fast forward, present date, April 2017 and Comatose has birthed a new offering from Vancouver Canada in the form of Abuse, also featuring Lord Marco Pitruzella on drums. I kind of wonder if Lord Marco is a session drummer for Comatose Records whenever they need a drummer. I am hoping for a third release from them next year with him on drums. With Neurogenic you had a Disgorge styled hyper blast assault of varying tempo changes.   Abuse have not released an album since their full length back in 2001.

The first thing that popped out at me before even hearing one track of Nothing is Safe was the cover art homage to the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Take one look at the cover and you will know actually what I am talking about.  They even got the font right.  Now, on to the music Abuse play a brutal style of death/grind that is very comparable to Dying Fetus, Gorgasm, and maybe even a tad bit like my former band Anal Blast ( I know a thing or two about Misogyny ). It does not take more than a Tom Cruise sample from the movie Magnolia to know exactly the direction and mentality of maple syrup drinking sickos. This album definitely grabs me somewhere.

With song titles like, “Unsafeword”, “Fuck me or I’ll Kill us Both”, “Pwned!” And “Bitchkabob” you can paint further detail into the mental picture of what these guys are all about.  I don’t think I would call them a comedic death metal band like a Crotchduster.  I am not really sure how much of Abuse’s mentality is legit or if it is more so a music business model.  Kind of like when Aeon released Bleeding The False back in 2005 you could completely tell that they were a proficient technical death metal band but then all of the sudden you get an acoustic country song like “God Gave Head in Heaven”.Not to get to off track from the review of Abuse, the music is definitely tight.  It is not overly technical or overly slam heavy but definitely entertaining to listen to.

This release most certainly is not meant for everybody.  This is a very specific type of presentation which knowing the audience of Comatose records fans should go over very well.   If you are into brutal death metal with a tinge of humor then look no further than these guys. Solid effort if you are looking for misogynistic, video game inspired circle pit slam death metal.

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Written by Nick K
May 16th, 2017


  1. Commented by: M Budziszewski

    Oooh. Gravity blasts! I’ll take it as a send up of all the violent misogyny in brutal death metal. Reminds me of Soils Of Fate.

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