Birdflesh/Organ Dealer

Well this is a fun split to get to review what being that both bands just played Maryland Death Fest days ago with sets virtually a few hours apart.  What we have here is a unique display of two different grind core bands.  I must admit I am not too familiar with Sweden’s Birdflesh other than comments that I have heard in passing from a few of my band members about what a crazy live act they are.  Their half of “Split” album kicks off with “Born To Wait” which goes from thrash infused power chords into gross Autospy-esque blasting and riffing.  There is a bit of goofiness ala Macabre which adds to Birdflesh’s unique form of grind.

“The Lawn Mover” is probably my favorite song of Birdflesh’s portion of the split, opening up with tremolo picked chords in a clean tune creating almost a surf rockfish feel before the distortion kicks in and the catchy lunacy continues.  “Trapped in Forcepower” has probably the strongest punk feel of the ten songs offered. For as strange as Birdflesh is there is no doubt that their material is super catchy for how simplistic it is.  Having been around since 1994 it is clear that these guys have been at this style of grind for quite some time and have built quite a name for themselves. I am going to have to go back and check out their whole catalog.

The second band on this Split is Organ Dealer. I am a bit more familiar with in having reviewed their debut album Visceral Infection a few years back.  These sickos from New Jersey waste no time assaulting listener’s ears with “Violence Ensues” which feels like a mutant cross between Misery Index and Pig Destroyer.  Abrasive like sandpaper toilet paper Organ Dealer mince and mash with the anger and ferocity that is unrelentingly gross.  “Chemical Reaction” mixes and reacts with pummeling blast beats and Ear Piercing vocals.

For a total run time of twenty four minutes this definitely feels and moves as a grind split album should.  Birdflesh and Organ Dealer together on one album makes for a fun listen if you are a fan of grind. This totally sounds like it could have come out on Relapse Records 20 years ago. That very well might be something on the horizons for both of these bands in that they both seem to fit the sound of bands coming out on Relapse back then.  That is not a knock on either band nor a knock on their label.If you have been looking for a strong grind split effort this year this may be the perfect thing for you. Two bands one album.  Half the length of what a full length album is but by grind core standards a completely acceptable length!

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Written by Nick K
July 28th, 2017


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