Blood of Seklusion
Servants of Chaos

Despite switching from FDA Rekotz to FDA Records, the German label has stayed true to delivering  old school death metal, especially the Swedish/Stockholm style finding bands from Germany like  Endseeker, Revel in Flesh, Lifeless as well from as other countries like Funeral Whore, Fatalist, Ending Quest and Massive Assault. Well, add Italy to the list in the form of Blood of Seklusion, another fine addition to the style and label.

Armed with the now expected and standard, but still everso enjoyable Swedish mid range HM boss buzz, Blood of Seklusion, like country mates Profanal, sound like they come from the depths of Stockholm, maybe with a dash of older Gorefest, especially  with Alberto Dettori’s excellent bellows sounding a lot like earlier Jan C. The guitar tone is a little beefier than label mates Lifeless, as is the song writing with a little less Dismember  slice and dice and more early  Grave ground and pound.

The album starts with the almost 6 minute instrumental “The Desert of Lost Souls”, a bit of a weird choice for an opener, as it kind of wanders and never really gets your attention, but luckily the next 9 tracks don’t fuck about, delivering a fine array of blistering Stockholm grooves and blasts. From full on assaults like the short burst of “Willie Pete” (a nickname for White Phosphorus munitions) or the snarling “The Sun Shines No More”  to the more restrained rumbles contained in the impressive title track or the mid section of ‘The King or Serpents” or closer “Amen” (with a really cool “Left Hand Path” ish close out). The whole affair drips with energy and purpose, as these Italians mean business and it never comes across as a lazy homage.

Of note, according to the linear notes this material was recorded back in 2014/15, so I’m interested to see how these guys have grown (or not) since then and hear some newer material to see if it has the same punch. Either way, like Profanal, these guys are atop Italy’s take on the style and FDA Records delivers again and shows they are Europe’s premier old school death metal label.

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Written by E. Thomas
October 24th, 2017


  1. Commented by: Glenn Whitehead

    Pretty groovy. I like!

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