In the Mouth of the Devil

Since Aversion’s Crown‘s Xenocide back in January no ‘real’ deathcore has really grabbed me. I know the genre is on the downswing and cross contaminating with other styles, but sometimes I crave a simple, downtuned beatdown, and Switzerland’s sextet Conjonctive is just what the doctor ordered.

Conjonctive are a six piece because they have two vocalists, Randy Schaller who provides the low growls and Sonia Kaya who does the higher register screeches. It generally works and fits deathcore paradigms, and Kaya is fairly convincing with array of off kilter deliveries. . But musically, this is pretty standard but very, very effective modern deathcore. Other than some atmospheric keyboards here and there, this is an impressive, breakdown filled assault, that makes no bones about what it is.

The standard opening breakdown/intro “Purgatory” signals the band’s intent right away with a quick atmospheric start and big burly march and groove leading into “You’re Next” displaying a quick show of power with a huge breakdown right away. The title track also shows the same mid paced rumble with a fierce  energy. Unlike their label mates Hybrid Sheep, the band never gets too techy or noodly, knowing they are not a tech death band with breakdowns. There’s some mildly fast parts (“Let Blow the Grim Wind”, “Hills of Abomination”), but Hiroshima Will Burn this is not.

It’s not quite full on down tempo/chug core, but there is a nice restraints and menacing lurch to the album as high lighted by “Down in the Abyss”, the crushing “The Cult of the Shining Planet”, “Lumbering Burn Your Eyes”, and the shoulder bobbing “Defeat the Sun”. Closer “Constellations and Black Holes” has some black ish metal Carnifex-y keyboards, but its not over done.

Conjonctive hits all the genre sweet spots on In the Mouth of the Devil. The guitar tone of the 2 seven stringers is devastating, the atmospherics are low key and balanced and the dual vocals don’t do anything off base like clean singing or croons, which would have been easy to fall into with a female lead. In all a very enjoyable and at time devastating example of a genre that needs some help.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by E. Thomas
June 9th, 2017


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