Dismember EP

Cut from the same cloth as such old school classic death metal bands bands like Entombed, Dismember, and Grave, Netherlands quartet Deathmarch have put together a pretty tasty little debut EP.  It consists of 5 tracks that total right at 21 minutes and is a perfect fix when you want to get back to basics.

The most enjoyable aspect of the album, and one that is present right off the bat with lead track “Gastorture” is a nasty, chainsaw guitar sound that just reeks of death metal at its most basic and awesome.  This track, and most of the others, have an awesome headbang-worthy chug to them while also mixing in some quicker parts.

The vocals of Dirk Willems has a nice deep bellow to it, which accents the aforementioned guitar tone.  His vocals are at times decipherable, and you find him (GASP!) actually saying the names of the tracks in the lyrics themselves and the listener able to pick up on them (seriously, does like ANY genre on earth still do that?!?).  Anyways, it’s something that stuck out if for no other reason than being so rare.

The production overall has a pleasing organic feel to it, which was a great stylistic chose as an over-glossed production would take away from the sound these guys are going for.  This was put out on Black Lion Records, which is a label I have never heard of but after doing some searching it seems like they have some pretty decent bands in their lineup.  Give this EP a listen, as there’s something for most every metal fan to like here.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Kevin E
March 9th, 2018


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