Diabolical Messiah
Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred

I am new to the Diabolical Messiah camp.  The band hails from Chile and have been around for a whopping 18 years.  Their first album, Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! was definitely a good starting point and now 7 years later they plunk us over the head with their second long-player-Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred.  Not only a long-player, but a long ass album title to go along with it.  Diabolical Messiah play a brutal form of death metal, reminding me of early Krisiun, think their first 2 albums, where they just wanted to blast and blast and blast all day.  I love the first 2 Krisiun albums, but it was not until their third album, Conquerors of Armageddon where they let up slightly on the blasting and began letting the songs breathe more and create more power.

Ok, enough about Krisiun.  The album opens with “Unmerciful Campaign of Hate”.  The opening riff sounds like a Slayer riff, if Slayer went death metal.  Just a killer opening part with the mid-paced double bass before the blasting comes in and just pummels you over the head with better than average death metal vocals.  The opening awesome part repeats a little while later, equipped with a real nice guitar solo.  It’s then off to the races with more blasting.  “Internal Defiant Discipline” is up next immediately going into a blast with a cool scream a little later on.  The song has rather decent guitar riffing, which is very catchy.  About 90 seconds into the song Diabolical Messiah slows it down ever so slightly and this mid-pacing part is pretty great with the guitar solo.  A real nice blackened death metal guitar tone, with some melody.

This 10 song album runs at a quick pacing of 27 minutes, pretty much every song is 2 minutes except for the epic 4 minute number, “Evil Lord Triumphant”.  The song begins with, you guessed it; another blast.  After about 2 minutes of blasting they go into a mid-paced part, which is really effective and the guitar heaviness really comes through nice and then the slower part at the 2.26 part is the best part of the entire album.  Evil and depressive guitar and rhythm section.  A little blasting alternates back n forth and the song returns to a slower part with some truly kick-ass guitar riffing.  This is how the song winds up ending and for me this is the best song Diabolical Messiah has written across both albums, by far.  The band are not reinventing the death metal wheel, at all, but I of course appreciate their brutal nature.  I would like the band to have a few more moments and songs like “Evil Lord Triumphant”.  This song has everything, from the blasting to the evil slower heavier moments.  These moments are their most effective and moving forward I would encourage them to pull back a bit on the blasting.  Let those wonderful slower and evil parts take center stage a lot more.

A few items worth mentioning before I wrap this sucker up.  I love Diabolical Messiah’s band logo.  It’s just plain awesome and the album cover adorning Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred, truly rules.  Excellent black and white and I’m glad they opted not to use color.  The album booklet is huge.  Pictures, lyrics and the matting of the pages is spectacular.  The production on this record is really good for the type of death metal they play.  This is a fun and quick listen, and I love playing this album over and over again.  I think if you played this album 4x in a row it’s like the same length as Metallica’s Hardwired…to Self-Destruct, played one time.  So go out and Get Diabolical Messiah’s Demonic Weapons Against the Sacred, it’s their best release to date.


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Written by Frank Rini
June 23rd, 2017


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