Golgothan Remains
Perverse Offerings to the Void

If you like your death metal cavernous, oppressive, miasmal and distinctly Australian, then the excellent self released debut from Sydney’s Golgothan Remains is right up yer ally.

With a clear Incantation backbone with murky, discordant hints of Ulcerate and country mates Portal, the aptly named Perverse Offerings to the Void delivers something that fans of Dark Descent’s murkier bands (Phrenelith, Phobocsom) and last years Epoch and Altarage releases , as well as the recent Nightmarer will lap up with glee.

The production is muddy but dense, much like the riffs ,with a thunderous rhythm section, and the vocals are appropriately monstrous and distant. The chaos isn’t Deathspell Omega overbearing ( though there are strains), and it’s not overly atmospheric or suffocating, plus the riffs actually occasionally have some memorability above and beyond sheer oppressive dissonance (though there is plenty as heard on opener ” Vehemence (Through Pain Divine)”, ‘From Chaos It has Come” and excellent “Vile Blasphemy”). And like Incantation, the band sometime veer off into more doomy, atmospheric crawls (“Bone From Dust”, “Phantom Earth”, “Timeless Eradicator”, “Looped Depraved Spell”),

Other than 5 minute closer “Flagellation (Torrid Tongues)” all of the songs are in the 3-4 ish minute range (there is a short interlude, “Void”), so there’s nothing too overdrawn or sprawling, making Perverse Offerings to the Void an short, effect offering to the void and a solid debut from an  independent new, filthy Aussie band to keep an eye on.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by E. Thomas
April 11th, 2018


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