Thrash and Destroy

For well over 20 years now, Hirax has been feeding its rabid cult following heaping, fiery helpings of tried and true Thrash Metal. Now the Hirax live experience has been documented for the rest of the world to see with Thrash And Destroy, a live DVD/CD weighed down with more of the Metal you crave.

Spotlighting the band’s performance at Keep It True XI in Dittigheim, Germany, the band rips and tears through a high energy, 75-minute set including “Chaos And Brutality”, “The Plague”, “Mouth Sewn Shut”, “Lucifer’s Inferno”, “Hate, Fear And Power” and 13 other whiplash inducing tracks. The camera angles are cool (looks like television cameras), the audio is clean and clear (good soundboard mix) and Katon & Co. are whipping up a frenzy onstage. As if one concert wasn’t enough, the band have included their 12 song set from Metal Forces Night – Part I as an added bonus. The accompanying CD contains the audio for the Keep It True show.

Not a lot else one can really say about this release. It’s raw, it’s loud, it’s in your face Metal…2 full concerts to watch and one to take in the car with cool artwork by Bill Hauser (Toxic Holocaust, Gorilla Biscuits). Oh, it’s also recently been released as a double vinyl set for the diehards. Grab this one up.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Shawn Pelata
December 3rd, 2008


  1. Commented by: ultmetal

    Great DVD/CD! Good review Shawn.

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