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Hirax – El Rostro De La Muerte

If you fancy yourself fan of vintage, no frills thrash metal and you’ve not yet heard Hirax, then you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of El Rostro De La Muerte as soon as possible. In the way of a brief history lesson, Hirax were part of the early Metal Blade roster […]

Hirax – Thrash and Destroy

For well over 20 years now, Hirax has been feeding its rabid cult following heaping, fiery helpings of tried and true Thrash Metal. Now the Hirax live experience has been documented for the rest of the world to see with Thrash And Destroy, a live DVD/CD weighed down with more of the Metal you crave. […]

Hirax – The New Age of Terror

2004 meant the return of legendary thrash bands, most notably, bands like Exodus and Death Angel, whose albums and returns were given a great amount of media exposure. This of course took some space away from the ‘smaller acts’. Reformed back in the beginning of the new millennium, Hirax have returned to grace the music […]