Burning Torches EP

I’m not sure how much, you the readers may be following the issues recently happening in Spain, Barcelona about the Catalan Independence, in particular with some marches, protests and much of the tense situation that is happening.  I won’t go into details, this is a music site, not a political one, so suffice it to say, my first thoughts when listening to this release from Barcelona based Krossfyre, one can imagine this being such a great soundtrack for the crowd/protesters,to incite others to stand and take notice of their plight. Yeah, granted it may be a bit extreme, but Geez! I would love to hear the song “Burning Torches”, being played at full volume, crowd/protesters banging their heads and air guitar in unison, that I tell you would make the news and draw attention to their cause. But this is just a random musing, please do not think I make light of the situation and cause.

Anyway, on to the album itself. Krossfyre from the aforementioned Barcelona, Spain, comprised of members from the great Morbid Flesh and also The Insulters and Graveyard. Gathered together they bring their own take on Nifelheim, Bestial Mockery and some of the later day German thrash with its raucous hellbent energy. Plenty of buzzsaw leads, a solid trebly production with just enough bottom end that just lets all the frenetic and chaotic music shine.

With all the members having their main bands, and with this band  I can imagine the conversation going something like this they “Hey Let’s just grab a six pack and just crank out the speed, blackened thrash and have fun”!  (This is probably how Gehennah got together, who Krossfyre have much in common with) With song like the “The Great Masturbator” you know this was the case. So with that dear readers, I end it with that point. In the words of the almighty Exodus, have good friendly violent fun with this, at 6 songs and a tad under 20 minutes you can’t go wrong

[Visit the band's website]
Written by Will 'Bones' Lee
November 8th, 2017


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