Plains of Decay

Greece’s Necrovorous have been around since 2005.  When the Dark Descent sampler came out and there was a preview for one of the tunes off this new album I was impressed.  I saw DDR had the band’s 2011 debut Funeral for the Sane in their distro section.  I ordered that and the new album, Plains of Decay.  “The Sun Has Risen in a Land I No Longer See” comes roaring through with a killer opening part, with spoken word moment and a neat drum roll.  Little bit of melody thrown in and then the riff comes and a monumental classic 90’s death metal beat.

The singer sounds like vintage 90’s Mortification, a vocal style not too far removed from the Scrolls of the Megilloth/Post Momentary Affliction death/thrash era.  Deep, gruff but you can understand the vocals.  Brilliant.  “Cherish the Sepulture” is up next and has a killer groove early on and then the tune gets faster.  Some tongue n cheek moment with the title “Misery Loves Dead Company”.  Nice slow opening and a great organic death metal guitar tone.  Monstrous double bass and a nice fast moment where the guitar melodies come forth exceptionally well.  The 2.25 dual guitar melodies is brilliant before the riff comes cruising right through your skull.  Nicely laid out guitar solos.

Necrovorous saves the best for last with “The Noose Tightens”.  Monstrous opening guitar riff and deep and gruff vocals.  The song has a little Autopsy laden doom riffs with a monster rumbling moment at the 1.35 part.  This part reminded me off of Retribution for the Dead, from Autopsy.  A classic doomy passage before slipping into a faster gallop.  Around the 3 minute mark there is a classic Bolt Thrower moment that will rumble through your chest cavity faster than grass through a goose.  A genius moment is the isolated bass guitar riff right before the 4 minute mark.  Then right into a doom moment with the guitars and vocals destroying you and a haunting and brilliant guitar melody coming through your speakers ready to maul your soul.  This melody continues with the vomitous belch growls and this section trails off to one of the best endings, if not the best ending of any death metal song for 2017.

Necrovorous have bested their debut with a better production on Plains of Decay.  Creative riffs and well thought out signature time changes.  I was impressed with the abundance of guitar solos too.  The cd packaging has some excellent drawings and so does the album cover.  Although I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with the concept image, I do rather enjoy it.  I am certainly glad I have Necrovorous in my discography now.  Damn fine death metal.

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Written by Frank Rini
November 9th, 2017


  1. Commented by: Gibblets

    Good thing I know this band as any reference to mortification would have otherwise turned me off.out of my entire collection there are only 3 albums that I feel I was ripped off so badly on that I wanted to cause the band physical violence in the worst way and mortification scrolls of the megalith is one of those 3. Necrovorous rules though.

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