Years of Nowhere

Here’s a noisy, caustic spurt of modern grindcore/hardcore hybrid from Switzerland’s oddly named Yog, and while many bands are plying this sort of sonic chaos (Architect, Gaza,  Khann, Romans, Nights Like These, Robinson, Harlots, early The Red Chord, Pig Destroyer, Fuck The Facts, all the Converge wannabe’s, etc) Yog do it very well, and actually sound like a very typical Black Market Activities band.

Other than brief interlude “Orchidian” and “Death By Silent Tyrants”, the 13 short stabs of noise actually have a sense of structure and melody that many of their US based, sheer noise peers are lacking. Tracks like opener “Love Process Failure”, “Mouth Full of Shit Cannot Bite” and “good Average” display a crafty sense of melody under the histrionic bursts, while the likes of “Secrets”, “A Light Scent of Wreck”, “Nice and Easy” and aptly titled “Grindcore Deluxe” have a certain sense of Nasum/Rotten Sound grind (Yog’s earlier influences apparently) appeal amid their younger, modern chaotic exterior, replete with a mid range heavy guitar tone and Yonni Chapatte’s fierce scream.

Occasionally Yog calm down, and by calm down I mean they delve into a more angular, jagged, hardcore gait like “The Frameless Stage”, “Merge”, “Dark Bliss” heave and spit with controlled abandon. Closer “Death By Silent Tyrants” delves into the Harlots, Nights Like These, Romans realms of experimentation with a loping, post rock/sludge mood that’s a nice come down from the prior assaults.

With so called US bands like Iwrestledabearonce,. Dr. Acula, The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Heavy Heavy, Low Low and Destroyer Destroyer being passed off as ‘grindcore’, its refreshing to hear a band like Yog, from a country like Switzerland be just as noisy but with a sense of seriousness and a nod towards actual, classic grind.

A very nice surprise.

[Visit the band's website]
Written by E. Thomas
July 31st, 2008


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