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Impure Wilhemina – Prayers and Arsons

Listen up, if you enjoyed Burst’s more adventurous, experimental and unpredictable take on the whole Post Rock genre with Lazarus Bird, just go ahead and grab the fourth full length album from this Swiss quartet. Now. Former Digitalmetal writer John Gnesin had always told me to check these guys out, long before the genre exploded […]

Yog – Years of Nowhere

Here’s a noisy, caustic spurt of modern grindcore/hardcore hybrid from Switzerland’s oddly named Yog, and while many bands are plying this sort of sonic chaos (Architect, Gaza,  Khann, Romans, Nights Like These, Robinson, Harlots, early The Red Chord, Pig Destroyer, Fuck The Facts, all the Converge wannabe’s, etc) Yog do it very well, and actually […]