Bleeding Gods

I’m not familiar with The Netherlands’ Bleeding Gods, but they have some Dutch scene veteran’s in their fold (Houwister, Grind Minded, Debauchery, Divine Sins) and a 2015 debut album under their belt. And with a few key words like ‘symphonic’ and ‘Hercules’,  ‘war’ and ‘death metal’ popping up, I decided to give their second effort a go.

Well what we have here is a OK record of chunky, melodic death metal with lots of keyboards based on the 12 tasks of Hercules. It comes across a little like Ex Deo/Kataklysm in its pacing and riffage with some Dimmu Borgir -ish symphonic elements,  so depending on how you feel about those bands will drive your reaction to these guys.

It’s not bad, but like Ex Deo/Kataklysm, it’s hardly ground breaking and often it pretty simple chugging, mid paced riffs with a few blasts. The synths aren’t overwrought, overbearing or quite full on Septic Flesh or Fleshgod Apocalypse overtures, but certainly in the same ball park and add plenty of theatrical flare to a good portion of the material . The guitars are big and beefy and the vocals are an staple mix of authoritative bellows and screams. But beyond that, its fairly average and at time I even got a bit of a Dethklok vibe (“Hera’s Orchard”) – so take that as you will

The hour run time is listenable and at time enjoyable with a few moments catching my attention here and there (“Seeds of Distrust”, “Tripled Anger”, the slower “Hound of Hell”) and while it’s a competent album, but I’m never completely blown away or swept away into the album’s concept and frankly not an album I’m going to recall or crave past this review.

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Written by E. Thomas
January 29th, 2018


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