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Word on the street is you’re the kind of person that has equal amounts of love for Hellhammer and Discharge. It is just something about the worlds of primitive hellish bludgeon and nihilistic d-beat aggression. So why not start a band called Dishammer that combines the finer points of both of those seminal bands? A nasty little act from Spain did just that and dubbed the ugly cuss Dishammer. An album called Vintage Addiction was then birthed in all its punk, metal, Satanic, and pornographic glory and released on CD and vinyl formats via lordly underground label Hells Headbangers. Vocalist/drummer Dopi took the time to educate us about all things Dishammer. It’s a philosophy and a way of life, kids! Get with the program now!

How about a little history about the formation of, as you so eloquently put it, this “hellborn rotten abortion” (a.k.a. Dishammer)?

Dishammer was born a few years ago. Firstly, they had a vocalist who quit before recording anything and then I arrived to spit on the mic a year ago or so. Dishammer is composed of some of the most infamous old school motherfuckers you can find in stinky Spain, three from Madrid and one from Coruña. And yes, from hell we came, we rot, and we were aborted!
I know the members have been around the underground in various bands. Introduce us to those other bands. Was Dishammer an outlet that satisfied an urge that you couldn’t get from your other endeavors?

I’m drummer and vocalist for the death grinders Machetazo, Raúl plays guitar with the sludge rockers Moho, Iñaki plays bass in Moho too and also is vocalist for the grinders Looking for an Answer, and Víctor was drummer for Disnation, the crustcore legends. Obviously we play with Dishammer all the things we don’t play with our main bands; that is the reason to make any side-project I think.
As much as I tend to shy away from label hype, I must say that the following description of Vintage Addiction is quite accurate: “Sounds like a fist-fight between Hellhammer and Discharge while Motorhead, Bathory, and GBH are being blasted in the background.” Your thoughts?

We’re proud of such description!
Is it safe to say then that these are the biggest influences for the music of Dishammer?

Yeah, together with lots and lots of early and primitive shit, from Japanese hardcore punk and English stenchcore to German thrash and Norwegian black metal.
Dishammer is a combination of Discharge and Hellhammer.

Yes, the name is fun and clearly tells what the fuck the band is about. Everybody knows Discharge and Hellhammer are two of the greatest bands ever, true pioneers and inspirations for most of underground extreme music.
One of the things I appreciate about Vintage Addiction is the rawness of the sound – it is so loud, in your face, and dirty, yet the instrument separation is excellent and the tones are thick and abrasive. Talk about the recording of this album.

It’s a garage type recording, in the raw, without tricks and true as fuck. It was recorded one evening at a small rehearsal room in Madrid, in about five or six hours, and not only the Vintage Addiction stuff, but also a lot more songs that will appear this year on some other releases. I was there too, but got no time to record the vocals that evening, so I came back to my town and recorded the vocals at the sub-basement of Treboada Studio; everything in just one take, believe it or not.
There is something about letting it all hang out when you go back to basics and not mess around with layering or overdubs. When the solos hit, the bass/drum is all you hear in the background. When it’s done right (as it’s done here), it is especially primal.

Garage recordings catch the reality, leaving the music pure and unmasked and only the good ones can get out of it triumph.
I understand that the vinyl version of this release was delayed for six months at the pressing plant. What was the problem?

Pressing plants usually delay small editions when they’re very busy, you know.
Speaking of that rather salacious album cover, who is the lovely lady pictured on the front (and please include a phone number)?

I don’t know her name, just got an old picture from some vintage porn website… guess she’s dead or a grandmother now, so good luck bro!
Hell, the back cover is just as …um…interesting, as are the orgiastic photos of another lovely lady in the booklet. You don’t leave much to the imagination, do you?

Dishammer’s message tries to be rough and in your face. The artwork and lyrics reflect it perfectly.
What’s with the photo of Kerry King with the bagpipes?

Just to show the decadence of one of the best metal bands ever that’s playing the fool now [laughs]. Anyway, their old records will be a must always, you know.
Is this the “Vintage Addiction” to which you are referring porn and Satan?

Yeah! But I support anything against Christianity and really enjoy old nasty cinema, so I’m a happy addicted person.
On “Werewolves on Wheels,” the lyrics – as is the case with most songs on the album – get right to the point: “Howling loud as fuck / The wolfs roar tonight / Hailing on punk metal / Spittin’ on the cross.” Who are these werewolves on wheels anyway? 

That’s an old biker movie and is really awesome. Everybody must check it out! It’s a great film about Satan, motorbikes and werewolves. We have another song about it named “The Devil’s Advocates.”
How did you hook up with Hells Headbangers to release the album? Were you already a fan of the label? 

I know they work hard and well and I already worked with them with a Machetazo 7″ years ago. Those guys are very serious and take good care of the work, always releasing awesome deluxe stuff by some of the best underground bands I can think off. Also, they’re the blasphemous home for the almighty Nunslaughter!
Now let us talk about these 13 commandments of Dishammer. For the sake of those not yet in possession of this fine piece of plastic, I include them below. Whose idea was it to come up with these commandments and did all members participate in the writing of them? 

I wrote this shit under the effects of alcohol, weed and anger, but I was serious [laughs].
1. Must come from down-under, from the darkest hidden and forgotten place in the bottom of your morbid soul.
2. Make your blood boil to maximum levels of radiation all day and night long.
3. Despite any current influence going back to the 80s devouring your old Motörhead, Bathory, Discharge and Celtic Frost 12″s.
4. Shit on god, on all sacred things, on the Christian church, on child-molester priests with their deviated whore nuns.
5. Turn crosses upside down and make pentagrams bleed in your werewolf chest.
6. Focus your anxiety in Satan’s coming, in the end of the world, in the stupidity of your miserable and enslaved to the system life.
7. Disturb your mind with tasteful vintage pornography and sexploitation.
8. Sit upon broken glass while you growl and scream.
9. Fill the bong with unholy water and strychnine, then smoke bone ashes together with some sick brown and green.
10. Expect to be buried alive and accept it, prey for catalepsy.
11. Make Asmodeus, Azazel, Baal, and Astaroth your best friends.
12. Recognize Tura Satana as your one and only goddess, mother, sister and lover.
13. Remember sooner or later you DIE, so live fast you sleazy scumbag motherfucker.

You say “Disturb your mind with tasteful vintage pornography?” What kind of vintage pornography would you consider to be in poor taste? 

Most of the 60s/70s/80s vintage porn is tasteful. The poor crap is the current porn because it’s not cinema, only prostitution on film with a total lack of respect for women.
What kind of metal fan won’t “get” the music of Dishammer? 

A metalhead who hates punk or a punk who hates metal [laughs]. Also, a closed-minded bastard or anybody looking for overproduced digital shit will hate us, and that’s good!.
Finally, name one punk and one metal album that everyone must have in his or her collection.

Black Flag’s Damaged and Cirith Ungol’s One Foot in Hell.



  1. Commented by: vegard

    yeah, Cirith Ungol’s One Foot in Hell sounds like a must-have for sure…

  2. Commented by: Arturo

    I only got King of the Dead by them so I gotta check that one out.

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