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Interview with Dishammer

Word on the street is you’re the kind of person that has equal amounts of love for Hellhammer and Discharge. It is just something about the worlds of primitive hellish bludgeon and nihilistic d-beat aggression. So why not start a band called Dishammer that combines the finer points of both of those seminal bands? A nasty little act from Spain did just that and dubbed the ugly cuss Dishammer. An album called Vintage Addiction was then birthed in all its punk, metal, Satanic, and pornographic glory and released on CD and vinyl formats via lordly underground label Hells Headbangers. Vocalist/drummer Dopi took the time to educate us about all things Dishammer. It’s a philosophy and a way of life, kids! Get with the program now!

Dishammer – Vintage Addiction

From the opening moments of that chainsaw riff and bruising bass/drum propulsion on “Smoke of Death” you just know that you are hearing something some of us like to call “the real deal.” It is just something about that raw, live-like production and bullshit-free bass/drum/guitar attack on Dishammer’s Vintage Addiction that cannot be copied by […]