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We had the opportunity to talk with Biohazard’s main man, hardcore-extraordinaire, Evan Seinfeld. And oh boy, has he kept busy. Not only is Biohazard in the process of putting out a new album, Seinfeld himself is still preaching hardcore on film with some of the hottest chicks in all adult entertainment. Unfortunately our discussion with Evan was shadowed by the sudden death of his good friend, icon and a fellow Brooklynite, Peter Steele. But ultimately, as it became evident with talking to Evan, life will triumph. No doubt about it. Plus, we present you pussies with the largest collection of Not Safe for Work links in Teeth of the Divine’s history.

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How’s your latest endeavors in the field of adult entertainment?

I am kinda all over the map. My new entertainment company, Sinnergy Entertainment, is the parent company for all my business endeavors. I’m launching a brand new adult platform that involves social networking and adult stars getting in touch with their fans directly. We’ll be doing a similar version in mainstream as well, but adult [entertainment] is really my area of expertise these days. I’m in touch with all the top stars and it’s really right in my wheelhouse of my strengths, marketing etc.

I’m also managing my new girlfriend Lupe Fuentes. She’s is the hottest girl in the business today. We just launched her brand new website [NSFW] and it’s completely blowing up! She’s got the number one best selling male sex toy in the world, the Lupe Fuentes Fleshlight! [NSFW]

Anyway, I love it all, no matter how well or successfully I could do one thing, I don’t think I’m ever satisfied unless I’m touching all my creative outlets at once.

You’ve moved towards the director’s seat. How is directing porn different or similar to starring in porn?

When you are directing porn, you have to think about what turns people on, or just how to make the movie you set out to do. I have a lot of fun with it, and I have directed and produced over 80 movies so far. When you are “performing” you are fucking. This can be amazing or really hard work, depending on the circumstances, but it never sucks. Getting paid to get laid? Hmmm, and the down side is? [laughs]

Porn, like a lot of other entertainment industries, is facing piracy issues. Probably more than the others. What will it take for porn to survive piracy? Porn’s always been technologically innovative.

People consume media more rapidly than ever. And the Internet is the main thoroughfare. People have virtually no conscience about stealing content online with no compensation for the artist, owner, creator, or copyrights. There are no real Internet police and the American, or world governments, seem to not care at all.

Bands that used to sell millions of albums barely make money selling albums today. TV shows and movies get less and less profitable by the day. Peer to peer sharing is really taking its toll on the entertainment business,  just remember, when no one pays for music, porn, films, TV shows anymore, no one will be able to afford to produce anything of quality.

Yet porn keeps on going?

Regardless, porn survives. New technologies like mobile phone delivery, iPad, video on demand and other developing platforms displace the traditional model of making movies and selling DVDs only. People can find just about anything on the web for free in porn, and or music, but the people that do well, are the people who have unique exclusive content.

Lupe’s site has only been up a few days, but it is getting hundreds of people joining each day, it is an absolute phenomenon. Why? She has such a unique look, like a sexy teen, but the most important reason, is that there is nothing out there of her. We work very hard to protect her content and keep it exclusive.

My website, rockstarpornstar.com [still NSFW], is just me. It’s doing very well so far because I am doing something that no one in rock or porn has ever done before. Many people go check it out for curiosity and are like wow, I’ve seen this guy on HBO, on Vh1, in bands, in movies and now he is fucking all the hottest pornstars in the world on a website? No one else owns any content of mine, so if people want to see it, they must come to my site. We will see what the future holds I have a new platform launching that is poised to turn the business in its head…

How do the music and porn businesses differ?

The porn business is about fucking. The music business is often about getting fucked. The thing I prefer about adult as a business is that it’s truly independent and DIY and doesn’t count on Corporate America for ANYTHING!

Music, while the thing I’m way more passionate about the art, as a business involves all kinds of bullshit ass kissing and payola, pay to play on tours, pay people to get played on the radio… giving up huge percentages in upside deals to big companies. I love music so much, and I wanna see if I can use my business savvy from adult [entertainment] to re-launch my music business. So many amazing and successful musicians I know can’t afford to be in bands full time, because it just doesn’t make as much money as it used to. Because fans steal the music. If you love a band, support them, that’s all I have to say about it.

Over in Germany, big bands such as Rammstein are already putting hardcore porn into videos, are the two mediums [porn/metal] something that you’re gonna try and keep separate?

I think that is cool, but those guys are probably just trying to be shocking and edgy. We played some shows with them and while they have a big production and are a great band, I wonder why they are jumping on the porn bandwagon all of a sudden?

I will for sure be mixing porn with The Spyderz, but not with Biohazard at all. My guitarist and drummer in The Spyderz are both involved in the adult industry. Dirrty is with Sunny Leone, and Mike the Animal Brasic is with Veronica Jett. So when the video comes around, I’m sure we have the girls at our fingertips, but for us it is a way of life and authentic, not a publicity stunt.

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  1. Commented by: Storm King

    Reading this interview, I get the sense that this guy has sex with porn stars. Is it just me?

  2. Commented by: Apollyon

    Hmmm… Naaaaah. I think it might be just you.


  3. Commented by: MiHuevoenTuPoto

    Biohazard sucks so bad it is not even funny…

  4. Commented by: faust666

    Biohazard might just be the worst band ever and Evan might just be the biggest douchebag ever.

  5. Commented by: Marco

    Great Band it was with Evan, now without him still good but not like it was before. I still like em though, just watched them live..

    Evan made everything right..career/big dollars with a band and now he bangs the hottest girls today.

    A career one could envy…;)


  6. Commented by: Erik T

    My boss from my last job had his pilots license and flew Evan and Tera around for a bit.

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