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We had the opportunity to talk with Biohazard’s main man, hardcore-extraordinaire, Evan Seinfeld. And oh boy, has he kept busy. Not only is Biohazard in the process of putting out a new album, Seinfeld himself is still preaching hardcore on film with some of the hottest chicks in all adult entertainment. Unfortunately our discussion with Evan was shadowed by the sudden death of his good friend, icon and a fellow Brooklynite, Peter Steele. But ultimately, as it became evident with talking to Evan, life will triumph. No doubt about it. Plus, we present you pussies with the largest collection of Not Safe for Work links in Teeth of the Divine’s history.

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Back in the early ‘90s you had a huge hit with Onyx on the Judgment Night soundtrack, which pretty much helped to pioneer the whole rap meets metal genre. It may have also been the genesis of nu-metal. Biohazard, Anthrax and Mordred influenced a lot of really popular bands.

Anthrax didn’t really have rap in their music. They were always more of a pure thrash metal band. They did a great job with the Public Enemy remake, but not their song. Biohazard was certainly one of the main pioneers of rap metal organically. In the beginning, I was rapping and so was Billy in our own kinda Brooklyn hardcore style, because we really weren’t ready to try singing [laughs] the rest is history. Don’t blame us for commercial cheese like Limp Bizkit and crap like that, not our fault. Judgment Night was an honor to be a part of. Love that album to this day.

Compared to most of the tracks that have come about ever since, Judgment Night still seems to be one of the most roughest and toughest songs of the style.

I saw the video for that the other night. It was certainly a hard moment in time! Sticky Fingaz was on my radio show that I used to do on Sirius… Playboy radio. Those guys were like the rap version of Biohazard, but understand the difference of our career to most. Biohazard played 300 shows a year in the 90’s and we have been playing for 23 years. Do the math No one hit wonder here [laughs]

What do you think about the combination of metal (or hardcore) and rap now? Still complementary?

I hear interesting things all the time, but what I notice, is the fragmented attention of the audience. From me, an ADD maniac, it makes sense… but more and more young people like a song and not a band. So it’s different. But hey, music may all just be one thing some day. For me there are two kinds of music. The kind that makes me feel something inside, and everything else. And these days, there seems to be a lot more everything else.

Hardcore seemed to ‘boom’ in the late 90s but nowadays it’s more metal- or deathcore.

It’s funny, many of the bands that call themselves hardcore nowadays sound like death metal to me. Not really hip on sub classifications. I will say, to me, hardcore is in your conviction, so if you are singing, rapping, screaming, or whatever, it lives in your guts… I prefer bands that are innovators and not imitators. What is unfortunate is that a lot of young people don’t have the opportunity to know why bands they like sound the way they do… and who they ripped off!

How is Brooklyn different now than it was when you first formed Biohazard? Is life still tough for Brooklynites?

Brooklyn has changed so much. Most of the real Brooklynites have been displaced, it has changed, gentrification of the bad neighborhoods. Migration of the generational Brooklynites to Staten island, Jersey, Long Island, Westchester, and South Florida has really changed Brooklyn a lot. There are still some great things and people there, and Biohazard and I will always be connected there in some way. I still have my loft in Williamsburg, but when I lived there it was desolate. Now it is so trendy [laughs] who would have thought it? a lot of Brooklyn is very cleaned up and has lost its edge, but hey, we used to thrive on the danger as teenagers… now for people raising families, it seems much safer!

Going back to Biohazard, what’s in store for the band beyond 2010?

New album, writing and recording. we are also going to play in South America tour in July, and Hellfest in June in France. But what we really want to do is get the album done!

I think that settles it all. Thank you for the interview!

You are welcome… as Pete Steele would say, take it easy!

Be sure to visit Evan’s myspace or Biohazard’s official website/myspace.

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  1. Commented by: Storm King

    Reading this interview, I get the sense that this guy has sex with porn stars. Is it just me?

  2. Commented by: Apollyon

    Hmmm… Naaaaah. I think it might be just you.


  3. Commented by: MiHuevoenTuPoto

    Biohazard sucks so bad it is not even funny…

  4. Commented by: faust666

    Biohazard might just be the worst band ever and Evan might just be the biggest douchebag ever.

  5. Commented by: Marco

    Great Band it was with Evan, now without him still good but not like it was before. I still like em though, just watched them live..

    Evan made everything right..career/big dollars with a band and now he bangs the hottest girls today.

    A career one could envy…;)


  6. Commented by: Erik T

    My boss from my last job had his pilots license and flew Evan and Tera around for a bit.

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