PRIMORDIAL looking for a new drummer

Blabbermouth reports that if you’re a drummer who appreciates the old greats (Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and Motörhead), there might be a gig for you. Primordial have parted ways with drummer Simon O’Laoghaire after a show in Athens, Greece (on June 5th, 2010) that singer Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill refers to as the “worst show in 20 years”.

Says Alan: “We need someone who is determined, committed to their craft, stepping up to the plate of touring and playing big festivals. Previous experience would, of course, be preferable. No half measures, no glass-is-half-empty attitudes. Someone who will bring their style and energy to the band and, of course, a fucking killer drummer. Nothing less.”

As it goes, the new drummer will have the chance to play in front of large audience at some of the biggest heavy metal festivals in the world in 2011. And earn money. Do note, that the band rehearses in Dublin, Ireland. Alan continues: “We rehearse in Dublin, of course, so a proximity to there is preferable, but we are not adverse to someone from abroad who can work hard when the time comes and is near enough to a Ryan Air terminal, or a relocation to Dublin is also a possibility.”

According to a post made (on June 8th, 2010) by Alan at (A Greek Music Portal), the decision to part ways with Simon O’Laoghaire was a hard one.

“Firstly our sincere and humble apologies for the worst Primordial show ever in 20 years. We are ashamed and embarassed by what happened, to travel so far and have things fuck up so badly was a horrible thing to be a part of […] Over the last ten years we have had many problems with Simon’s alcohol and substance problems, many ups and downs and it’s been hard to see a friend of 22 years in the gutter. We have tried many many times to help him out but on Saturday things reached a new low level and we are sorry that you had to be a part of. We tried our best to play the set but you saw it was impossible […] we do not know what will happen with Simon now but it might be he needs some time off from the music industry, I’ve seen it destroy too many people and we don’t want to see him reach any lower.”

Primordial’s latest release came in the form of All Empires Fall live DVD, that was released in March. The meat of the DVD is a live show, filmed at the band’s hometown Dublin on January 24th, 2009. The DVD also includes a documentary/in-depth interview and recollections from other shows from 2008, such as Ragnarök Festival (Germany), Hove Festival (Norway) and Graspop Metal Meeting (Belgium).

The band’s album from 2000, Spirit the Earth Aflame, is getting reissued in early July via Metal Blade Records.