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Primordial – How it Ends

In the end, how do you want to be remembered? Will you be remembered at all? The ultimate weight of our own legacy hangs like a formless specter, bearing down on us with every waking moment, growing heavier and more gnarled with every step towards this life’s inevitable conclusion. And that’s kind of a bitch, […]

Primordial – Exile Amongst The Ruins

Album number 9 from Ireland’s favorite sons see the band stick doggedly to the now perfected cragged, epic metal but also sees the band become a more tempered, somber act that results in an album that continues the band’s legacy, but seems to have a strange air of exasperation and despondency to it that I […]

Interview With Primordial

Since 2005 Ireland’s Primordial have become the indisputable kings of Irish metal. And not only that, you could argue that Primordial have become one of the biggest bands in metal, with past albums consistently littering year end lists whether its 2005’s watershed album, The Gathering Wilderness, 2007’s To The Nameless Dead or 2011’s Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand, the bands seems able to do no wrong in the eyes of the metal masses and media.

Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen

Though around long before, since 2005’s The Gathering Wilderness Ireland’s Primordial has accomplished 2 things; became one of metal’s best bands, and second, locked doggedly onto a sound that’s unmistakably theirs, that none have recreated. So, if you were a fan of The Gathering Wilderness, as well as 2007’s To The Nameless Dead and 2011’s Redemption at the […]

Primordial – Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand

With 2005’s The Gathering Wilderness, Primordial turned the tide and rose from minor obscurity into everyone’s playlists. Two years later, To the Nameless Dead refined the band’s sound even more. Some bands become content and start to follow a formula, but with Redemption at the Puritan’s Hand, Primordial once again thrusts their sound forward, much […]

PRIMORDIAL looking for a new drummer

Blabbermouth reports that if you’re a drummer who appreciates the old greats (Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath and Motörhead), there might be a gig for you. Primordial have parted ways with drummer Simon O’Laoghaire after a show in Athens, Greece (on June 5th, 2010) that singer Alan “Nemtheanga” Averill refers to as the “worst show in 20 years”.

Says Alan: “We need someone who is determined, committed to their craft, stepping up to the plate of touring and playing big festivals. Previous experience would, of course, be preferable. No half measures, no glass-is-half-empty attitudes. Someone who will bring their style and energy to the band and, of course, a fucking killer drummer. Nothing less.”


Primordial – Imrama (Deluxe Edition)

I was only recently introduced to Ireland’s Primordial by way of 2005s The Gathering Wilderness and 2007s To the Nameless Dead, and only in the last month or so have I had a chance to go back and check out the Candlelight reissues of 2000s Spirit the Earth Aflame and 2002s Storm Before Calm. However, […]

Primordial – To the Nameless Dead

The sound Irish metallers Primordial have developed over the last few albums is actually a lot like Ireland (namely Eire); it’s sweeping, rugged, majestic and also barren and beautiful at the same time. There’s also a sense of sadness and loneliness built into the fiber of both band and land. Nowhere is this more prevalent […]

Primordial – The Gathering Wilderness

Ireland hasn’t exactly been up front of the stage with some of the other European countries, when it comes down to the heavy metal department. Sure, everyone’s heard of Thin Lizzy, but besides them the only two bands I can mention for sure are Cruachan and Primordial. Both of which caress and treasure their region […]