Suicide Silence
Remember... You Must Die

There is only 1 Suicide Silence album I do not have in my collection and if you guessed it was their self-titled affair from 2017 you would be correct.  I am not a fan of that album or the musical direction they went in.  I was especially disappointed in it after they released the great You Can’t Stop Me in 2014.

Their 2020 album, Become The Hunter was a return to form with their brutal blend of death metal/deathcore and that album is fucking punishing!  So with album #7, Remember… You Must Die the band is not only still trying to get the vomitrocious taste out of everyone’s mouths from 2017, but also one-upping Become The Hunter.

No doubt Suicide Silence made a heavier and dare I say faster album.  And one of the reasons I am thrilled to be reviewing this album is I have been a Suicide Silence fan since their 2005 debut ep as well as knowing that members are fans of my vocal work on Internal Bleeding albums.

But I have been a big fan of deathcore for a long time and enough with the haters – because at the end of the day, Suicide Silence plays death metal and not just deathcore and christ or satan o dark lord this 12-song affair is streamlined and in yo face heavy AF!!

After a short intro “You Must Die” comes blasting through the speakers with a monster blast beat that gets into a nice 90’s era death metal speed with super-fast double bass over the gallop that gets back into the blast beat before the break-down and vocals of “You Will Die Alone” being growled at us.  The breakdown at the 2-minute mark is pure heavy deathcore break-down vintage Suicide Silence stylized violence!  The pinch harmonics are so lethal they went back in time and destroyed the Mayan Temples.

“Capable of Violence (N.F.W.)” is up next with amazing tones from Hernan “Eddie” Hermida continuing to prove, especially since his All Shall Perish days, he is still one of the best extreme metal vocalists out there.  His highs and gutturals are brutal bliss, one that original vocalist, Mitch (RIP metal brother) would be super proud of.  This track is mainly a mid-paced slam fest of core breakdowns ready to rip your face off.

“Kill Forever” starts with monstrous double bass, a killer rhythm section, which gets right into a monster blast beat then back into a lethal breakdown.  You will want to windmill and pick up change all damn day.  Ferocious lead guitar riffs, which quite honestly folks, are more rooted in death metal than deathcore.  Back into the blast beats and back into the breakdowns with heaving breakdowns and a nice drum roll, before scorching earth with yet another blast beat.  This ending breakdown is most excellent and you cannot catch your breath because “God Be Damned” jumps right out the gates with a super killer blast beat and more heaving slams and some cool softer styled guitar riffing, before the mid-paced pummel fest erupts.  The song goes into a slower slam part that almost had me thinking of early Acacia Strain, but this gets into more atmospherics and is pretty melodic, which then starts to resemble melo-death moments.  The break-down after this part is pounding!  Really a terrific moment.

I can go on and on, but I will stop with the fastest opening moment in Suicide Silence history with “Endless Dark”.  Check out that opening blast beat!!  Christ it’s on fire with the dual vocal tones over this part.  The song is all over the place with mid-paced madness and we even get a cool little guitar solo that uses the whammy bar and the solo goes over the blast beat too.  The song has pinch harmonics and some terrific double bass moments.  At only 2.20 “Endless Dark” is a monstrous death metal song folks that grinds you up, spits you out and leaves most abruptly!

Remember… You Must Die is the most brutal Suicide Silence album since their untouchable debut The Cleansing.  I have this really cool cleansing shirt with a dark green background with the logo in black and the dude with the shards of glass front and center-guess what shirt I am whipping out right after I submit this review?

In album #7 Suicide Silence shows they are getting better with age and they incorporated a lot more death metal influence on this.  You’ll year Suffocation moments as well as some European death metal sections/melodies all mixed in with the signature Suicide Silence sound and deathcore moments.  The production is pristine, clear, sharp and believe it or not has some rawness to it, which I appreciate quite a lot.  The album cover is one of the best the band has ever had as well, super striking and better than their last several album covers.

Remember… You Must Die is definitely a killer album and trust me when I say the band has upped their game, even since their last killer album, as well as trowing, (yes I meant to spell throwing like this-I’m from NY), in more death metal moments.  In some respect I would say this is a death metal album with deathcore smatterings throughout.  Brutal shit!

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Written by Frank Rini
March 20th, 2023


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