Black/Death Metal cult legends ACHERON will be unveiling their new music video for the song “I am Heathen” (featured on their new album “THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days Of God”) on WWW.YOUTUBE.COM this Saturday, November 21st, 2009. It will also be posted on their official MYSPACE page at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/ACHERON.


This is the first professionally filmed music video the band has done in their 20 plus years of existence. Band frontman Vincent Crowley explains the concept behind the video.


“The video is about embracing the life of being a Heathen. Many people struggle with what is wrong or right, good or evil. When they go against the norm, the guilt eats away at them. Heathens don’t have negative feeling about embracing their true nature. Temptation doesn’t weaken us because in the end we control it! Lots of the symbolism in the video shows just that.”


ACHERON filmed this video with WERNER VIDEOS SERVICES and was directed by Aaron Werner. The video features the band line-up of Vincent Crowley, Kyle Severn, Max Otworth, Ash Thomas and special appearances by actress Madison Riley.


This video will be featured on a free promotional DVD put out by the band. The DVD is over 90 minutes long and will contain the “I Am Heathen” Music Video, an in depth band Video Documentary on “Making FINAL CONFLICT” (Rare Footage!), Video Footage from their 2008 “DECEMBER DAMNATION” mini-tour in Brazil and the Complete “SATANIC SUPREMACY” 3 song demo. This DVD is being given out for free to people who are buying the new “THE FINAL CONFLICT: Last Days of God” CD from the band or IBEX MOON RECORDS. So get yours today!


ACHERON will also be doing a dvd/video release show in Columbus, Ohio, on December 4th, 2009! The show will be at THE SUMMIT, 2210 Summit St, Columbus, OH, with the bands DEAD SEA, INFERNAL DEATH and CARDIAC ARREST.