ALGAION Album Details Revealed

Reactivated Swedish atmospheric black metallers ALGAION have set Exthros (“enemy” in Greek) as the title of their third album, to be released via Pulverised Records. Exthros was recorded at Helltower Studio by ALGAION live/studio drummer Robert Eng (Corporation 187) and mastered by Simon Söderberg at Mayfire Studio.

Exthros track listing:
01. “Alpha”
02. “That Time Is Nigh”
03. “Theos Tou Aimatos”
04. “We Are The Enemy”
05. “The Last Of Cursed Days”
06. “Nature Our Slave”
07. “Ruach Adversi”
08. “This Is Our Temple”
09. “Sign Of Evil Existence / The Era Of Satan Rising”
10. “House Of War”
11. “Omega”

View cover art here:

The song “Theos Tou Aimatos” is currently streaming on the band’s MySpace page:

ALGAION features within its ranks founding vocalist Mårten Björkman (Arditi, Octinomos, Abemal etc.), and guitarist Mathias Kamijo (Morifade, Chaos Order, Pain etc.) alongside Eng and additional session members Tobias Leffler (Vergelmer, N.C.O. etc.) and Viktor Klint (Corporation 187, Thornclad) on bass and guitar respectively.