ALTAR OF PLAGUES Sign With Profound Lore Records

Canada’s Profound Lore offers its official announcement concerning the signing of Ireland’s most promising outfit within extreme music, namely ALTAR OF PLAGUES.

Already with a few notable self-released demos/EP’s within their repertoire, along with serving opening acts for MAYMEN and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM on recent UK stints, Altar Of Plagues are gaining a formidable reputation through their distinct brand of epic, cinematic and violently crafted avant-black metal. By incorporating an apocalyptic vision that correlates and reflects with the musical aesthetic of their aforementioned tour mates (if acts like Wolves In The Throne Room and IN THE WOODS cascade within the forests, farmlands, and waterfalls, Altar Of Plagues’ expression reflects that of harsh urban metallic wastelands, rotting junk sites, abandoned boarded-up hospitals, and decaying skyscrapers), with moments that give the nod to the vicious leanings of melodic epic black metal along with the catastrophic histrionics of such acts as NEUROSIS, and CULT OF LUNA, Altar Of Plagues have created a monumental vision; one that’s scathing and visceral, yet moving and transcendent.

The band’s most-recent release, their self-released monumental Sol EP has been getting quite a bit of attention as of late, and serves as a mere taste of what is to come with the inevitable Profound Lore debut album (which will also serve as the band’s debut full-length) in which the band will begin to record late-August/early September for an early 2009 release. You can order a copy of Sol along with checking out some samples of directly from the band via their myspace page HERE .

Also, Terrorizer magazine has already even done a full-page feature on the band in the “Breaking Faces” section of their latest issue, Altar Of Plagues being the headline feature in said section of the magazine. Nonetheless, go HERE ( to read the aforementioned article.

More on Altar Of Plagues in the impending future…