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Altar of Plagues – White Tomb

You’ve got to give Chris Bruni and Profound Lore Records some credit – Krallice? Cobalt? Hammers of Misfortune? Portal? Alcest? Amesouers? Tell me that isn’t an elite label based on those releases alone. Well, after raising some eyebrows with the debut EP from this Irish black metal act, Profound Lore has raised the bar again […]

Altar of Plagues – Sol EP

Well, Profound Lore has done it again, uncovering another gem of a black metal record, this time from the depths of Cork, Ireland.Though cut from the same cloth as label mates Cobalt and Krallice, and with some similarities to the likes of Wolves in the Throne room, and to some extent, the new Withered, as […]

ALTAR OF PLAGUES Sign With Profound Lore Records

Canada’s Profound Lore offers its official announcement concerning the signing of Ireland’s most promising outfit within extreme music, namely ALTAR OF PLAGUES. Already with a few notable self-released demos/EP’s within their repertoire, along with serving opening acts for MAYMEN and WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM on recent UK stints, Altar Of Plagues are gaining a […]