BAHIMIRON set release date for new album!!!

American black metal outlaws BAHIMIRON are ready to unleash their wolves to the flesh of Christ with Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror this fall on MORIBUND RECORDS. Set for release on October 25th, BAHIMIRON‘s Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror will contain nine hymns of rabid bestial nightmares, all in devotion to total death and the fiery depths of the black abyss. Full of rusty edges, this third shank in the guts will host such songs as “Their Blood Shall Fill My Chalice,” “Bestial Raids of Antichrist Darkness,” “Goathorned Messiah of the 7 Gates,” and “Anointed in Serpents Blood.” “This is the album that goes back to the true roots of black death metal for us,” confirms vocalist/guitarist Grimlord, “all the things that originally hooked me into playing this type of heresy – the kind of stuff that comes at you with knives and the blood of Satan.”

One of the underground’s most unpredictable yet potent forces, BAHIMIRON are always on the move, keeping everyone guessing whilst staying forever true to their twisted, hideous muse. Following on from their critically acclaimed/reviled second album (and first for MORIBUND), Southern Nihilizm, their latest Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror continues the trajectory that each BAHIMIRON full-length has been different than the one that preceded it, and here they dive deep into the most primitive, primeval black metal but then tear it asunder with haunting nuances entirely their own. Indeed, these are Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror!

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