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Hacavitz – Muerte

During the total eclipse of the sun earlier this year, I wasn’t as stupid as most of the population seems to have been by looking at the sun, I admit to taking pictures of it. It was a bit magical, I had a bonfire going, and through no consequence at all I ended up listening […]

Carnal Savagery – Worm Eaten

Carnal Savagery is a Swedish death metal band with ties to Cromlech, who like fellow Swedes Entrails and In Pain, were knocking around in the early 90s but never really got truly going other than a few demos . After Cromlech, some members went on to form short-lived but solid melodic death metal acts Divine Souls, […]

Azaghal – Nemesis

Moribund has always been notorious/iconic for having a roster of bands that sound as though they record their albums with faulty walkie-talkies. It really makes me wonder how these bands connect the amps to those walkie-talkies, and doesn’t doing this void the warranty for the walkie-talkies as well? What if they got trapped in their […]

Bahimiron – Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror

Generally, when I’m looking at porn, (I’d Like to think) I’m a fairly typical male. It’s your typical porn stuff, nothing to gross or degrading. But once in  rare while I’ll be in the mood for some thing nasty; some German Bukkake or weird Japanese, submissive ball stomping fetish. Something that makes me cringe and […]

Infernal Legion – The Spear of Longinus

I wondered from time to time if Tacoma, WA’s Infernal Legion was ever going to release a follow up to 2005’s Your Prayers Mean Nothing, a slab of old school based, no-frills death metal that I thoroughly enjoyed. The wait now over, I found third full-length The Spear of Longinus to be an album that […]

BAHIMIRON set release date for new album!!!

American black metal outlaws BAHIMIRON are ready to unleash their wolves to the flesh of Christ with Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror this fall on MORIBUND RECORDS. Set for release on October 25th, BAHIMIRON‘s Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror will contain nine hymns of rabid bestial nightmares, all in devotion to total death and the fiery […]

Necronoclast – Ashes

Ah! The tortuous sounds of one man black metal. Music so different it prefers a more shrouded and mysterious nature. But sometimes it comes out from the woodwork and deserves everyone’s undivided attention — except for scene kids, tools, and anyone that loves MTV. One man black metal is a hard genre of music to […]

Psycho – Pain Addict Pigs

I enjoyed this one. How’s that for a bare bones, straight forward assessment devoid of all the fluff and metaphor of the typical critical review? But I’m sure I’ll still end up tossing in some metaphorical blather anyway in some desperate attempt to be clever. Singapore’s uniquely <ahem> named Pyscho brings an effective mix of […]

Nadiwrath – Nihilistic Stench

Vocalist Wrath (Dodsferd) plus guitarist Nadir (Stellar Darkness), equals Greece’s Nadiwrath and their greasy, punk infused take on black metal. Nihilistic Stench has some pretty rollicking moments and fun little riffs scattered here and there, but as a 50-minute black metal album—even for the target Darkthrone fans—it’s a little bit of a drag. Nadiwrath are […]

Hacavitz – Metztli Obscura

This album starts off with “to meet again,” I never met them the first time. Here is obscure metal from Mexico, care of Moribund, with a nicely detailed album cover that screams bash and bellow war metal. In that sense I am not disappointed. These guys can bash with the best of them, but the […]

Avsky – Scorn

The malignancy seems to have entered remission. The sound is clearer and cleaner, the guitar tone of voice is less threatening with a more expressive feel, mixing in bonafied solos, and the steady strumming has reemerged re-imagined as an actual discernible rhythm. The overarching pacing has quickened to a crawl, and at times a trot. […]

Nocturnal Fear – Metal of Honor

It never fails. Every year when I put my year end list together and get it posted, an album comes along within days that knocks my socks off and could have easily made my top 10. Metal of Honor, the fourth full length from Detroit’s Nocturnal Fear is that album this year. You know something […]

Azaghal -Teraphim

Not every Finnish band needs to emerge from a Nosferatu-style coma to write a good black metal record. Beherit might get the most attention because they dropped off the face of the earth for almost two decades before this year’s strong comeback. The smart money is on Azaghal, a black metal outfit that seems to […]

Brown Jenkins – Death Obsession

Don’t worry, I’ll keep this review only focused on the music…. The third and final album from despondent musician Umesh sees Brown Jenkins continue the more guitar based, droning approach of Angel Eyes, straying away from the more ambient depressive hues of the debut, Dagonite. And while the result is less suicide inducing than the […]

Bleeding Fist – Bestial Kruzifix666ion

Primal and unadulterated hate is what fuels Slovenia’s Bleeding Fist, as is evident upon hearing Bestial Kruzifix666ion, which — spelling aside — is a most excellent release. The four purveyors of morbid sounds comprising Bleeding Fist (with evil/awesome names like Infernal Karburator and Krieg Maschine) trample listeners with earful after earful of satanic, raw black-death-thrash. […]

Merrimack – Grey Rigorism

You can think of France’s Merrimack as a slightly known kult band because of their fifteen year existence and minimal output, or as a reborn band finding their voice only about five years back. All three of their full length studio recordings have come since 2002 and it is a safe bet most listeners only […]

CANIS DIRUS sign to MORIBUND, announce release date

Enigmatic black metal duo CANIS DIRUS have signed to MORIBUND RECORDS for the release of their debut album, A Somber Wind From a Distant Shore. The last burning embers of a dying autumnal twilight, the beckoning shrieks of the oncoming night, the blanket of everlasting darkness inevitable and infinite: CANIS DIRUS’ A Somber Wind From […]

Dodsferd – Suicide and the Rest of Your Kind Will Follow

Right before my former writing job at Metal Maniacs went titties up, I had been given the assignment to do a couple of pages on Dodsferd, and the sole proprietor involved in the project, Wrath. (Just an a side note here; why is it that in all these one man projects the lone guy has […]

Legendary Australian BM band NAZXUL sign to Moribund

It is with great pride + excitement that MORIBUND announces the signing of legendary Australian black metal band NAZXUL. The label will be releasing the band’s highly anticipated comeback album, Iconoclast, later this summer. The band’s first new studio release in more than a decade, Iconoclast carries all the hallmarks of classic NAZXUL – unremitting […]

SATAN’S HOST studio update

Reports SATAN’S HOST vocalist Eli Elixir, “We are currently pre-producing all the trax for this new CD as with finishing up the writing process in our studio, Satan’s Grotto Chamber. Date is set for entering the studio  4/29/09 to 5/31/09. Together, we have been working very diligently with our new ideas, riffs, beats, lyrics, and […]

BAHIMIRON recording new album

Texan black metal cult BAHIMIRON are currently working on a new album for MORIBUND. Reports drummer Blaash, the band’s as-yet-untitled next album will be a combination of last year’s Southern Nihilizm and the unholy primitivism of VON. Recording will be sporadic throughout the year, with a view to release the album in early 2010 at […]


Reports guitarist Kelly Kuciemba, “DRAWN AND QUARTERED and MORIBUND RECORDS have been compiling the materials for the upcoming Assault Of Evil DVD. Odin has done a fantastic job with the layout, which includes an expanded view of the Gabriel Byrne painting from Merciless Hammer Of Lucifer and live photos of the band. The DVD compiles […]

AVSKY recording new album!

Swedish black metal cult AVSKY are currently recording their third album (and second for MORIBUND RECORDS), to be titled Scorn.  Reports guitarist/bassist AE, “We’re extremely satisfied with the result so far. The material is much better and more complex than before, and we will have Nox from CRAFT make a guest appearance on one of […]

Blood Stained Dusk – Black Faith Inquisition

Enthrone Darkness Triumphant. Seen Through the Veils of Darkness. The Somberlain. In the Nightside Eclipse. If you already own or know these albums, then there’s nothing here that’s new or fresh – or that you haven’t already heard recycled elsewhere over and over. I hate to start off a review on a negative note, but […]

Ayat – Six Years of Dormant Hatred

As much as I love nasty scary black metal like Anaal Nathrakh, Xasthur, Dagon, Leviathan, Deathspell Omega and such, I have a hard time dealing with such music coming from the relatively peaceful climates of France, England, California, Texas and San Francisco , and while those acts have no doubt injected plenty of hatred, spite, and […]