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Inopexia – Myocardial Biopsy Had A Lethal Outcome

Ever wonder what Intestinal Disgorge and Last Days of Humanity would sound like mixed together? Yeah. Me neither. But now that I have heard what that would sound like, I can say I’m in love. The band bringing this dose of gore grind brutality is none other than Russian sickos Inopexia. Myocardial Biopsy Had A […]

Job For A Cowboy – Demoncracy

Oh Yay! Another boring release from Job For a Cowboy, however this time they add a little more nuances to their sound for a little bit of an enjoyable experience. I tend to wonder why this band gets as much attention as Suffocation or Cannibal Corpse. Because for one all their albums were utter crap […]

Distastrous – Severe Suffering

Brutal blasting death grind, a fitting tag for this brutal death metal gem. That said gem is the new album by Filipino brutal death grind outfit Disastrous entitled Severe Suffering. Severe Suffering is an unrelenting slab of brutal putrid riffs, pregnant women bashing drum battery, and gnarly pus spewing gutturals. This is their second full […]

Rotted, The – Ad Nausea

The Rotted are finally back with their new full length Ad Nausea, the follow up to Get Dead Or Die Trying and is their second under the new moniker since Gorerotted became The Rotted. They are bringing another dose of crusty death metal to the masses, but besides the heavy as fuck instrumentation, this release […]

Everything Went Black – Cycles of Light

Do you hate your life? Are you on the verge of a big break-up? Or do you just plain wish everyone was dead? If you said yes to any of these then your ears should not be treated to this record for fear of suicide or mass murder. Well actually fuck it listen to it […]

Bring Me Solace – Nomadic Refuge EP

I absolutely hate it when a band releases a top notch debut album and soon after they break up. It’s a total mind fuck I tell you! But at least the bands that break up present us with something worth remembering before they vanish into oblivion. Bring Me Solace–a progressive metalcore band from Portland, Oregon–did […]

Requiem – Within Darkened Disorder

Requiem is a veteran death metal band from Switzerland that have just released their fifth album, Within Darkened Disorder on Twilight Vertrieb. Requiem plays a form of war death metal with old school influence as well as a more melodic tone (blackened). One thing is for sure that this album is powerful yet kind of […]

Ark of the Covenant – Separation EP

A Strike First Records release you know the deal, Christian music at its finest. Ark Of The Covenant is their name and the Separation EP is their game. If one is familiar with bands such as Creations, or sadly the poop fest that is The Great Commission, then as you know breakdowns are the key […]

Abnormity – Irreversible Disintegration

Abnormity finally unleashes their first full length of modern, brutal, slammy death metal to the masses in the form of Irreversible Disintegration. Their must be something in their vodka because Russians have a knack for creating some truly nasty ultra brutal death metal (Cranial Osteotomy, Abominable Putridity, Aborted Fetus). For some the constant barrage of […]

Trials – Witness to the Downfall

Trials are a modern metal band from Chicago. They’re not bad but their style of music is somewhat predictable; clean vocals, Pantera riffs, weird gothic talking and radio friendly everything else. Modern metal bands are a mixed bag, on one hand they can deliver extremely catchy music (All That Remains), but on the other, well […]

Weekend Nachos – Worthless

Opening with a ripping guitar solo that hits with the force of an out of control machine gun. Instantly the glass shatters from the window that encases your lavishing frame. 20 seconds in and the murderous intentions seep through and kill everything in the blink of an eye. How is this done? Powerviolence! Weekend Nachos […]

Dr.Acula – Slander

Well folks, Dr.Acula are back for another round of nu-grind violence in the form of Slander. Well actually the whole grindcore scheme of things (beer pong massacre anyone? No well I loved that song) is replaced with a deathcore sound meaning longer songs yet still retaining the same snotty attitude of the old. Slander is kind […]

Onwards to Olympas – The War Within Us

Onward to Olympas are back yet again with another dose of Christian metalcore on their second album for Facedown Records, The War Within Us. Adding much more melody and an onslaught of solos, one can tell the band has stepped their game up…big time! “The Continuance” is a short filler intro before the first tune […]

Emmure – Speaker of the Dead

The chances of one liking Emmure is determined if they can withstand an album chock full of breakdowns. Not just a breakdown here or there–no way–this is a situation where the album is one giant breakdown that also gave birth to little breakdowns and… hell, you get the picture. Anyway, Emmure are back with another […]

Necronoclast – Ashes

Ah! The tortuous sounds of one man black metal. Music so different it prefers a more shrouded and mysterious nature. But sometimes it comes out from the woodwork and deserves everyone’s undivided attention — except for scene kids, tools, and anyone that loves MTV. One man black metal is a hard genre of music to […]

Full Blown Chaos – Full Blown Chaos

Guess what? Full Blown Chaos are back with another album filled to the brim with metallic tough guy hardcore that instantly puts to shame all of those faux tough guy hardcore bands that are flooding the scene. Big burly dudes with beards playing tough as nails music and you know what? That’s how it should […]

Neuraxis – Asylon

Ladies and gentleman the almighty Neuraxis has returned from the depths of hell to enslave humanity once again. Their new album entitled Asylon, out on Prosthetic Records, is their first album in three years since The Thin Line Between. On this album, the band has managed to create more of the same, finely tuned technical […]

Color Morale, The – My Devil In Your Eyes

It seems lately I’ve been getting into this newer version of post-hardcore that’s been hitting the market. I never been much a fan of the genre, as most bands tend to sound the exact same, but I finally decided to give a few bands in the genre some spins. Low and behold, I’m slowly gaining […]

Diminished – Rectal Torment

Texas brutal death grind band Diminished are back with another album chock full of slam riffs and gurgling vocals. With an album titled Rectal Torment, one should know what kind of genre they’re getting into but truth be told, I had a blast listening to this album. Blasting out of nowhere like your fat girl […]

Ace Augustine – The Absolute

Seriously I don’t think it’s possible to give a negative review for bands on Facedown/Strikefirst Records as their roster of bands has been consistently great since their very start. Metalcore to hardcore and even melodic death metal Facedown/Strikefirst Records never disappoints in delivering high quality Christian bands to the masses. With that being said, Ace […]

No Bragging Rights – Illuminator

I remember a few years back there was a band called A Day To Remember that played a form of music that involved melodic hardcore and metalcore. Well, they’re still around but the mixing of those two styles is long gone for them… and I’d rather not talk highly of them anymore as the mainstream […]

Lionheart – Built on Struggle

“Negative as Fuck” hardcore act Lionheart return with their new album Built On Struggle. Continuing where the last album (The Will to Survive) left off, Lionheart has managed to create another brutal and punishing slab of hate filled hardcore. Judging the book by its cover is a safe bet this time around. Looking at the […]

Mire, The – Volume II

The Mire are a band from the UK that play a form of post-metal that’s similar to their brethren in Devil Sold His Soul. With their second album on Eyes of Sound records, The Mire have a created an album that is emotionally direct yet progressive and intelligent. The album opens with a short but […]

Falkenbach – Tiurida

Recipe for Viking metal: A dash of black metal, heavy metal and a huge helping of folk with all the lore one can handle. Falkenbach are back with another album entitled Tiurida and to be honest it’s no different than their other releases — besides a few touches here and there. The album opens with […]

As They Sleep – Dynasty

Michigan Christian metal act  As They Sleep are back with vengeance on their new album Dynasty. This is their first album on an actual label and with a take no prisoner’s attitude, As They Sleep has managed to make an enjoyable record even though it does have its faults. A rather noticeable trait on Dynasty […]