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Full Blown Chaos – Full Blown Chaos

Guess what? Full Blown Chaos are back with another album filled to the brim with metallic tough guy hardcore that instantly puts to shame all of those faux tough guy hardcore bands that are flooding the scene. Big burly dudes with beards playing tough as nails music and you know what? That’s how it should […]

Armed For Apocalypse – Defeat

Man oh man, this some heavy shit. Sitting squarely in the middle of the sludge genre, California’s Armed For Apocalypse, (featuring Cayle Hunter of Will Haven and The Abominable Iron Sloth) cull heavily from Crowbar and the expected gamut of down tempo, earthy, lumbering sludge bands like The Abominable Iron Sloth (duh), Blessing the Hogs, Blutch, […]

Classic Struggle, The – Bring Back the Glory

Way back in 2005 before metalcore and deathcore annoyed everyone, The Classic Struggle released their solid debut, Feel Like Hell, and at the time was one of the heavier displays of the genre I had heard. Fast Forward three years and unfortunately The Classic Struggle like With Dead Hands Rising and Embrace the End, simply […]

November 5, 1955 – Bears of The Sea

Here’s one of Ironclads better and more mellow releases of late, the Back to the Future named metalcore/post rock act from Boston, Mass who deliver a fine debut of emotional, melodic metalcore with threads of delicate passion and elegance. With busy, melodic guitar work and vocal cadence of Shai Hulud, shimmery emotional layers of Misery […]

Aletheian – Dying Vine

I actually reviewed this album at another website a couple of years ago after it came out on Hope Prevails Productions, but now with a re-mastered sound, new artwork and a cover of Cynic’s “How Could I?”, I’m recalling how good this actually was and how well it stands up 3 years later. If the […]

Sons of Azrael – The Conjuration of Vengeance

I’m not sure why Metal Blade/Ironclad would release the debut from Buffalo’s Sons Of Azrael only a month or so before The Black Dahlia Murder’s Nocturnal drops, because its liable to steal some of Nocturnal’s thunder. Basically Sons of Azrael ply a form of modern sort of At The Gates based, death//black core that has […]

Destro, The – As the Coil Unwinds

Celebrity records labels. Now there’s a good gimmick and a good way to inflate further the ego of said celebrity and their bank balance (providing you find the right cash cows that can be milked bone dry). However in the case of Trevor Phipp’s (Unearth)Ironclad and Guy Kozowyk’s (The Red Chord) Blackmarket Activities, scouring myspace […]

Apiary – Lost in Focus

Though most think Metal Blade are more miss than hit with their recent metalcore offerings (i.e Phoenix Mourning, Machinemade God), their sub label, Ironclad have had a little more success (The Classic Struggle, If Hope Dies) and continue that with this debut album. Though named after a bee farm, not a very metal moniker I’ll […]

Classic Struggle, The – Feel Like Hell

With all the all the underwhelming metalcore Metal Blade has churned out this year (As I Lay Dying, The Black Dahlia Murder, Unearth, Winter Solstice, The Red Death, Neaera), you’d forgive me for being cynical when broached with another Iron Clad Recordings (Unearth’s Trevor Phipps’ label) licensed effort. Then you’d have to also forgive me […]