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Full Blown Chaos – Full Blown Chaos

Guess what? Full Blown Chaos are back with another album filled to the brim with metallic tough guy hardcore that instantly puts to shame all of those faux tough guy hardcore bands that are flooding the scene. Big burly dudes with beards playing tough as nails music and you know what? That’s how it should […]

The Acacia Strain to headline ‘Sun Your Bunz’ Tour across the US

The Acacia Strain to headline Sun Your Bunz Tour across the USSupport offered by All Shall Perish, The Warriors, Eternal Lord, Since The Flood Massachusetts’ The Acacia Strain are proud to announce a summer 2008 headlining tour across the United States. Dubbed the ‘Sun Your Bunz’ Tour, and featuring support from All Shall Perish, The […]

Full Blown Chaos – Heavy Lies The Crown

What’s the deal with that cover art? It leaves one wondering whether Full Blown Chaos now desire to be Manowar because with those lions, that ominous Conan clone poised in his throne, it instils that fear…and the record hasn’t even been placed in the CD player yet. Fortunately ‘Fire Fight,’ firmly quashes any fears of […]